Tearing Me Apart (A Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles love story)

I hope you like it. Heads up it may be a little suckish cuz this is my first story but enjoy!!!!!!! :)
O and sorry it's so short.... The next ones will be longer!

Chapter 1

Moving Day

"MOM IM COMING OK?" ugh my mom can be sooo inpatient sometimes! My full name is Nicolette though most people call me Nicky or Nicole. I have blonde hair and really dark big brown eyes. I am 5 foot 6 and i weigh 120 pounds and look model thin. A lot of people tell me that I'm gorgeous but I don't think so. I'm an only child too! I had a perfect life until my parents got a divorce. It drove my dad so crazy that he ended up in jail. But that's a different story. Now I'm living with my mom in New York City but now we have to move to Hollywood which I so do not want to do! All my friends are here but life is life. Anyway back to the story. I drag the last of my suitcases down the stairs and out to the car. " That's the last of them" I tell my mom. "Say goodbye to the house and get in the car were going to Hollywood!" she says with excitement and looks at me. My face looks so depressed. "Oh come on" she says " You know your going to love it there" I sigh and get into the car. My mom rolls her eyes at me. " Your such a killjoy you know that? She says as she gets into the car. One thing you should know about my mom is she tries to act like a teenager. All I'm thinking is this is going to be a VERY long flight.

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