One Shots

Chapter 38

Memories | An Izaya One Shot





[Name]'s [e/c] hues looked up into the sky. The rain hitting her face made it look like she was crying, but it didn't bother her. It was just another way for her to cover up her own tears. In a way, she was thankful, because he knew that anywhere and at anytime he could see her. He would know how weak she was and use that against her.

Her [h/c] tresses stuck to her forehead as she walked. She didn't know where. Anywhere was better than Ikebukuru, where the devil himself played her like a chess piece, then threw her away in the same game. Every laugh was fake, every smile was now meaningless. There were no meaning behind her words. And her usual lively eyes deadened day by day, but no one took notice. No one except for him.

The meeting was grand. She was out with her girlfriends at a local club, and a tall thin man came up to her. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear, made the naive girl blush. He was so mysterious, the way his dark brown eyes watched her silently. Oh, how she loved the attention, but then things started to change. It all went from fairy tale to nightmare.

His sweet kisses were no longer sweet, his light touches vanished. The usual surprise visits she got lessened each month until she barely saw him once every month. Then the lies came into play. He was a business man, as he liked to say, and [Name] understood that. He would never pick up his phone when she called, and he never called back either.

She started to miss him. What happened to the sweet, romantic moments? She wandered this in silence, her head beginning to pound as all the memories started to encircle around the one that broke her.

It was summer, and they were out on the beach. She looked over at him, admiring how he still had that mysterious glint in his eyes. Such a fool she was to not see what was coming next. He suddenly stood, wiping the excess sand off of him. [Name] stood aswell, frowning at him.

"Izaya, what are you-"

There came the two words that broke her.

"We're over." She was sure he said much more things. It sorta went something like this, "Don't get me wrong. I love you, I love all humans. You're just a very boring one. So, goodbye [Name]-chan!" But she could only see his mouth moving and how he smiled the whole time, chuckled, then walk away.

[Name] shook her head to rid those memories as more tears started to fall. Not paying any attention, she walked across the street.





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