One Shots

Chapter 1

Behind Closed Doors | Tobi/Madara One Shot

The sun shined brightly throughout the city. Her brown hair would often show red streaks from the sun's light.

Her amber eyes flickered through faces that passed by..

He's late.

She tapped her manicured nails repeatedly on the table. Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out her phone.

He was ten minutes late. She was five minutes early. Just as she was about to press a button a voice called.


"Oh, Tobi."

The masked man made his way over to her. Dodging cafe waitresses as he did. As he took his mask off, they're eyes met seconds before looking away.

She still didn't know how to tell him.

"What did you call me here for?" He asked in his usual deep voice. She had remembered him saying I love you in that voice.

"Were over."

His heart broke

Before he could respond, the girl bolted out of the cafe. Her last words were "I'm sorry." before heading off.

Her father opened the the door for his baby girl. "Is it done?" He asked.

In tears, she nodded.

She closed her bedroom door behind her and cried. "I didn't want to let you go."

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