My book of Poems

My book of Poems

Hey!! I decided I am going to like write a story depending on my mood.

Chapter 1


Every day I walk into school

And act like everything's cool

I put a smile on my face

But deep inside that's not the case

I always go home and sit on my bed

And try to wash it all out my head

I know I should be greatful that I'm blessed

And I'm doing my best not to be so stressed

All the things that are on my mind

I gotta say I'm one of a kind

I wonder why it won't go away

These stupi feelings are here to stay

I wanna get rid of the stress i have

And live for myself, is that so bad

I wanna be free

Free to be me

I make everyone blind to see

How much my stress is hurting me

Imma keep on this mask

And finish out this task

Pretend to act cool

And make them the fool

So, until there's no pain

Everything will remain the same

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