Love isn't always right.

Love isn't always right.

At nineteen years old Lilly Alston was about to recieve everything she dreamed off. High school was over, Summer was about to start, the new track in town was about to be finished, she was getting ready to move on her own, and looking forward to starting college soon.

On the night of June 20th everything changed.

Lilly is now being held against her will some where deep in the mountains. With the strangest most frightening character who wants only one thing from her.

Her Love.

Chapter 1


by: 13elieve
The Party was the first thing. The party started at 10:30 which is what the inviation said. Bryan Peterson sent the invitations out in the mail. He was a pretty popular guy and played on the basketball team. He was an all around nice guy that everyone liked so of course everone would be here. Everyone. We arrived at around 11'o clock from what I remember. I remember the clock in Jennifer's car it blinked 11:21 .

It was being held at this huge two story colonial house that was a complete party house. The kind you see in movies with kids sliding down the banister and red plastic cups scattered against the lawn. This was exactly what the party was like. It was suppose to be such a fun party.

We were done with highschool and had braved the year. I had finished with a 3.8 GPA and had done pretty well for myself on top earning myself a nice title in the final track meet of the season. And of course Jennifer had stood on the side lines at almost all the meets as long as I promised to come and support her in soceer. Jennifer was my best friend and it was just the kind of thing friends do for each other.

She was the pretty one out of the both of us. That's why I have to wonder why did this happen to me. She was the kind of person, guys would stop and stare at on the street's and I was the kind of person who was as you say 'the awkward beauty'.

I'm not sure if that was suppose to be a compliment or not on your part.

Jennifer had blonde hair with brown streaks and tan skin from the blistering burning hot Arizona sun. She had an athletic build, and could kick that black and white ball quickly into the goal while at the same time looking like she had just come out of a hair care commercial.

From time to time Jacob would come bearing his dark sunglasses which hid his hung over tired expression from the rest of the world. He would scream, and curse at the other team during the track meets, and always cheer the loudest. He wasn't really the greatest friend but Jennifer had a secret pining for most of highschool for him. He had brown hair that he would gel up to perfection and use axe like he was dousing a fire in it. He wore normal boy clothes and was just a huge partier who couldn't keep a girl for more than a month or two.

On June 20th at 11:21 I walked into the partier expecting a good time. In the same essence I walked out of my life and walked into one. One filled with you.

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