My BFF's Demi Lovato (8)

heyy its been a while!!! now introducing: JOE JONAS AND ashley greene.... sooo yeahhhhh enjoy (not like you enjoyed the last part anyway) I decided to poke some fun at Jashley now that theyre over so ahaha


Chapter 1

I Underestimated Just Who I Was Dealing With

So, things were a little better after I told Kendall everything. Just a little better.
The thing that made the rest of it not better was [surprisingly] my school starting a "celebrity mentoring" thing. At first, I was kind of excited because my celebrity crush (not Kendall. He's my boyfriend xD) Joe Jonas was coming to be a mentor. But then, Demi mentioned to me how it was because of his girlfriend, Ashley Greene, why she had to "leave" tour.
I was totally in love with Joe, but at somepoint when he was dating Ashley, Demi actually ran away and ended up at my house. She told me everyting after a couple weeks and I think I disliked Ashley so much that it spread to Joe.
But it went away when I actually saw him in person.
I forgot to mention something. I'm the biggest Jonas Head you will ever meet. I'm kind of the "real Macy Misa." So far, only my closest friends and Demi know that. Kendall, James, Carlos or Logan don't know that. Yes, they've been to my house, but we were always in the living room. They've never really seen my room, which is full of Jonas Brothers posters. I'm surprised Demi hasn't said anything to them yet.
On Monday morning, I couldn't help but be excited. I was sitting in the quad outside of the 200 building with the guys, Demi and some other friends.
"Why are you so smiley today?" Kendall asked me.
I saw Joe Jonas from a distance and froze. He didn''t notice me. He just looked as if he was looking for someone.
"Hello?" Kendall asked again. "Vanessa? Are you here?"
"She's a huge Jonas Head," Demi explained. "And I think she's excited that-" her tone changed "-oh my god, Joe! Hide me!"
I zoned back in the moment.
"What?" I said looking around.
"You never said you were a Jonas Head," Kendall said.
"Oh, she is a huge Jonas Brothers addict," my friend Emily spoke up. "She has so many posters of them in her room. It's ridiculous."
"Yeah," I said casually.
"Is Joe coming over here?" Demi asked, worried.
"I hope!" I blurted out.
"Ohhhh no! He can't see me! I have to go!" She ran inside one of the buildings.
"Is she afraid of Joe?" Logan asked. "should I go talk to her?"
"Uhh..." I tried to explain, looking for an excuse. I wasn't supposed to say anything. Not even to Logan. "...She had a little fumble before she came here."
Demi grabbed my wrist and pulled me away inside the building.
"What do I do?" she asked me.
"I... don't ask me!" I told her. "I'll probably faint if I see him up close!"
"Demi!" a voice called.
"Cra(p)!" she exclaimed.
Joe Jonas appeared by her side right after that. I'm not gonna lie, he looked so dang secksy in person. His eyes were so... ahh! His body.... AHH! I had to catch my breath.
"Hi... Joe," Demi said with edge. She looked kind of unhappy.
"Hey," he said with a smile. "How... How you been?"
"I'm in this place, aren't I? How do you think I've been?"
"Right... look, about what happened-" Joe was about to say.
"This is my best friend, Vanessa!" Demi cut him off as she put her arm around me. "She's a huge fan of yours."
I was frozen again. Joe laid his brown eyes on me. His smile almost gave me an asthma attack.
"Hi," he said, holding out his hand, but sounding a bit hurt that Demi was giving him attitude.
"Vanessa," Demi said, trying to calm me down, "shake his hand."
As soon as I zoned back in, someone completely unexpected came to us.
"Joey! There you are!" It was Ashley Greene.
How do I describe her? She was pretty. I mean like... pretty pretty. Like, pretty, but nice, I guess...? There was something about her smile that didn't look right. Her eyes looked like she had something to hide. Then again, that could have been the huge amount of make-up she had piled on her face.
"I'm out!" Demi said as she left. "Vanessa, I'll see you in... yeah..."
"Oh!" Ashley said cheerfully. "You're the little twelve year old girl Demi tweets about! It's so nice to meet you!"
That really threw me off.
"First of all, I'm fourteen, and second, Demi deleted her twitter," I said, trying to keep myself from boiling.
"You're just so adorable!" She completely ignored my comment. She tried to pinch my cheek, but I leaned away.
"I have to go," I said, now slightly shocked.
"Wait," Joe said. "You were totally shocked like two minutes ago. What happened to that?"
"No... I'm still shocked," I replied.
Thankfully, the bell rang, but Joe stopped me again. Not that I had a problem with it.
"Uh, Vanessa," he said, now serious (he knows my name!!!! xD), "can you tell Demi that I'm sorry? About everything."
I nodded my head and then went back outside.
"Did she think you were thirteen?" Demi assumed as we walked arm-in-arm.
"Twelve," I corrected. "And she said that you still have a twitter."
"I can't stand her. She just... ugh. I think she killed Joe. He's not the same. Especially since... yeah."
The day passed by fairly quick. But during fourth period, I was unexpectedly called to the office. Some people in my class gasped.
"Is it really that shocking?" I asked as went out the door.
Halfway to the office, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Kendall texted me, saying: "Soo.. I guess your busy for lunch??"
I quickly responded, "I shouldnt be long... but mayybee..."
Going to the office was something I regret. I saw Ashley there. Wait, that's not the worst part. She was gonna be my mentor. Not only that, but she also started acting like a huge b(i)tch to me for no apparent reason.
"Okay, look," she said all snooty, "I don't like you just as much as you don't like me. So let's just pretend we like each other and get this over with. Okay?"
I was about to say something, but she continued.
"I mean, I seriously can't believe I have to babysit you for three months. I was hoping to get your down-and-depressed friend, Debby. It would be so fun to be her mentor."
"It's Demi," I repsonded. "What do you have against her? She's here because of you. And why do we have to pretend? Are you afraid that Joe won't like you because you hate one of his biggest fans?" My tone was mocking.
"Just do it," she growled.

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