R.I.P Kayleb & Jake

I'm So Sorry Guys :(
I Got Really Upset & Cried
But i managed 2 Write U guys This

Chapter 1


by: _Sammy
I Though You Were Okay
Finding Your Way
Not Making Mistakes

I Thought Your Were Fine
Spending Your Every Dime
Not Ending Up With No Time

Dont You Try To Lie
What Ever Happened To Goodbye?
All I Do Now Is Sit & Cry

Not Even A Single Hi
What Ever Happened To Goodbye
Why'd You Have To Go & Say Goodbye?

I'm Just Stuck Here With No Goodbye

I Thought You Were Alive
Livin Your Life
not Leaving This All Away

I Thought You Were Still Here
Ignoring Your Fears
Not Dead For Almost A Year

So Why'd You Have To Go?
Couldn't You Say No
Instead Of Saying Goodbye?

Why'd You Have To Leave?
Your Keeping People Greave
Couldn't You Say No To Goodbye?

Now Im Just Stuck Here With No Goodbye

I Miss You Guys. Kayleb & Jake 4ever


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