Can't we just Fall in love?! (A Harry Potter Love story) Year 2 Part 22

So this is the same Love at Hogwarts:Year 2 Part 22 ( a Harry Potter Love Story) I just changed the name of it! So I hope you still like it !
Ps. just to make it convenient I will just add more chapters on here so this will be the rest of year two then there will be another story titled " Can't we just fall in Love (a Harry potter love story) Year 3 !

Chapter 1

What a Day?!

I woke up and got dressed to go to breakfast with Mione
"Ready?" I ask her
"Yup lets go!" she says and in a hop skip and a jump we are in the great-hall for breakfast.
"Good Morning" I say and slide into the seat next to Harry.
"Morning" he replys
"So guess what we have today after classes?" Hermione says
"What?" We all ask in unisin
"Pro. Lockhart has started a Dueling Club"
"Ehh well I like the sound of Dueling but not Lockhart" I reply buttering some toast
"Me either that guy is just so-" Harry trys to say
"Prissy" I finnish for him taking a bite of my toast
"Yes exactly" he says and hermione and ron look at each other
"What?" Me and Harry both say looking at them then at each other
"Nothing at all" they say smiling
I roll my eyes "What ever"
~~~Dueling class~~~
The four of us strolled into Dueling Club secounds after Lockhart begain to talk.
"We would have been on time if Fi here didn't have to trip down the stairs" Hermione says as we push people a signed to get to the front of the class.
"Sorry for being clumpsy!" I say , we finally get to the front of the classroom and there was a long straigh kind of stage where Lockhart was standing.
"Prissy" I whisper to Harry who smiles when I say that
"Hey Mione do we still need the hairs" I ask her in a whispering tone
"Yes, I assume you have an idea" she says
"Yup'' I say now turning my attention to Lockhart. Lockhart throws his coat and it lands on my head making everything go black, mostly because of the coat over my head, I was about to take it off when some of his "Fan Girls" rip it off my head. "Hey!" I say turning to them giggling over his coat. Man those girls are crazy! I fix my hair as Harry and Ron start laughing at me, but I can't help laughing too.
"So lets see how bout Potter!" He says and Harry walks up to him then Pro. Snape calls us Draco.
"Oh dear" I say
"I know they are soo not gonna follow the rules" mione says
"I wouldn't either If I were them" Ron says joining our conversation
I watch them as they throw spells at each other , Godness I worry about Harry a little too much I think.
Malfoy throws a spell casting a snake to come out of his wand. I don't mind snakes all that much but its ok. The snake slithers over near a boy from Raven Claw. Harry also starts walking to the snake, it seems like he's trying stop it and it sounds like it too.
Snape then sets the snake on fire, how terriable it wasn't trying to hurt anyone really.
"What the Heck Man!" the raven claw boy yells, what the hecks wrong with him!
"Well then uh um Class is Over" Lcokharts says and everyone scurres away, Harry runs off. I better go after him, I think to myself but I have to get that hair from Pansy somehow.......
"I'll be right back just got to get that hair!' I say and start pushing people over to get over there, but I still haven't thought of a plan,, just think!
I spot Pansy with her little snobby Slytherin group, nows my chance. I send a jinx (idk which one) to her "Little Friends" making them fall to the ground giving me time to get to her. I 'pretend' to accientdently knock her over so I can pull some of her ugly black hair off, I do and she freaks out
"What the Heck you Griffindork!" She says pushing me off her
"Sorry I was just looking for my friend..?" I say, Terriable exuse, huh I need to hang around Fred and Geroge more.
She rolls her eyes at me then looks at her friends "Whatever, lets go" she says as soon as she turns around I notice a small bald spot I left when I pulled out her hair, God thats just sooo funny!
I would laugh and then cry from the joy of it all but I remember , Harry and the others.
I run to the common room expecting them to be there which they are, talking about that snake Harry was talking too. I rush over to them
"Guys guys you have to see what I did to Pansy!" I say
"What'cha do?" Harry asks
I start laughing a bit but say " I was trying to get some of her hair for the poly-juice and ending giving her a bald spot on her head!" I say then they start to laugh
''Anyway" I say calming down from laughing "What are you talking about?"
I am always to curious, you know curioustiy killed the cat right, is what Mione always tell me 'Thankfully I'm a girl and not a cat" I reply to her
"Oh well about Harry talking to that bloody snake!" Ron says like I should know, well sorry I was just giving our dear friend Pansy a hair cut!!!
"Ya I think Harrys a parseltongue" Mione says "Someone who can speak to snakes"
"Oh well that will come in handy" I say "But whys everyone freaked out about it"
"Well everyone thinks Harry was trying to get the snake to attack that boy"
"But I heard Harry he was trying to stop him" I say in Harrys defense
"Yes well thats weird" mione says
"Great now me and harry are freaks!' I exclaim
"Hey!" Harry says beginning to laugh at me for saying that , this makes me smile
"Just joking" I say playfully hitting him "Well its been quit a day my amigos, I am going to bed"
"Well i'll be up in a little bit" hermione says
"Ok good-night" i say
"Night Fiona" the boys say, and I walk up the stairs to my dorm, what a day....

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