Darkest Night (A Firelight Fanfic)

If you guys have read the book Firelight, the creatures in my story are the same, but I'm using made up characters and an entirely different story line. So it's only a Firelight fanfic in the way that I'm using the same type of dragon creatures. And if you haven't read the book then you need to go read it now!
P.S. You don't have to have read the book to understand the story.

Chapter 4

It's All Set

by: Cinderkit
**I have a bad habit of posting a chapter once a month >.> Sowwy. Just to clear things up, Janice is the aunt and Dave is her husband. Also, the next chapter should be up quicker, if anyone is still reading this story, and I apologize. xD**

I sigh as I climb into my rusty old pick-up truck. It's not much, but it gets me around. This is going to be a long night... I put my key in the ignition and the engine sputters and coughs to a start. No music plays because I have no radio. My step dad ripped it out during one of his drunken rages. So my rides home are usually silent.

I begin to dread the unavoidable encounter I'll face with my "family" as I pull out of the parking lot and onto the dirt road that leads home. They aren't your normal happy-go-lucky family; far from it. They don't treat me like the daughter they've always wanted, they treat me like a servant. And who says they don't have to? My mother dumped me with them without a second thought and without giving her sister (my aunt) a say in the matter. They never wanted me, but they're stuck with me. So they decided it wouldn't be so bad having another in the home, as long as I listened and did what I was told. That's when my nightmare of a life began.

Ever since I was old enough to walk I've been running around doing their dirty work all day long. "Clean the dishes", "take out the trash". You know, the average things. But when I took too long, or mouthed off, it was the belt. My step brothers, Braeden and Corey, never have to do anything. They just lay around and torture me behind my back. I would be framed, by them, for things I never did. It's because of them I've been suspended from school on multiple accounts.

The worst part is, I barely know a thing about my own parents. All I know is that my father died after I was born, cause unknown, and my mother dumped me with my aunt and mysteriously vanished. For all I know she's left me for good and is never coming back.

I turn onto the pathway that leads past the trees and to our home. It's a large house, kind of like a mansion, but not as clean. It's somewhat secluded and a few miles away from the town. I notice only my aunt's car in the drive way; Dave (my step dad) must have gone out. My body relaxes a little and I sigh in relief. At least I won't have to deal with him immediately. I park and shut off my car. On my way to the side door of the house that leads to the kitchen I realize my brothers aren't home either. Probably off at some party doing who knows what. I grab the rusty door knob and slowly open the door, flinching as the wood creaks and groans.

Gun shots from a T.V. and my aunt's raspy voice from the family room startles me. "I don't give a dam why you took so long, don't do it again. You're in the kitchen so you might as make yourself useful by doing the dishes. And grab me a beer while you're at it." The air is filled with the stench of cigarette smoke as I quickly make my way to the fridge. I run her a beer then start on the dishes without a word. On the inside I'm fuming. The smoke stings my nose as I scrub the dishes. I really hate it when she smokes.

Just then I remember my date with Drake tonight. There's no way I can ask, the answer will be no for sure, and I might get punished in the process. Just as I'm brainstorming for a way out, my aunt speaks from the living room.

"We're low on food, I need you to go shopping tonight. You know the drill." And I did know the drill; make a list, do the shopping, and be back before midnight. It was perfect! I could see a quick movie with Drake, do the shopping, and be home before midnight.

"Okay." I said a little enthusiastically. I could feel Janice's eyes boring into the back of my head as I finished the dishes as quickly as I could. Remembering I had a summer assignment to finish before the first day of school, which was tomorrow, I bolted upstairs to my room and heard my aunt yell; "No running!!" behind me.

As I got out my summer assignment, prepared to finish it before I left, my phone buzzed in my pocket. Checking my phone I saw it was a text from Drake and I smiled. I opened the message:

Drake: Hey, I never asked what movie you wanted to see. ;)

I had to stop and think for a moment. I don't go to the movies very often so I had no idea what was in right now.

Me: Umm..idk. You pick one, I have no idea what's playing ;P

Drake: Hmm..well, neither do I. How about we just wing it and pick something random when we get there? ;)

I giggled and sent him a quick reply,

Me: Sure. :)

Drake: So, how does 5 sound? We can have a nice dinner before the movie and then see the movie at 7. I know a great place to eat.

Turning around, I checked my clock on the wall. It was 2:30. I would have about two hours to finish my summer assignment. I could do that.

Me: Sounds good to me. I'll meet you in front of the theater at five then. It's all set.

Drake: It's a date. ;)

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