Darkest Night (A Firelight Fanfic)

If you guys have read the book Firelight, the creatures in my story are the same, but I'm using made up characters and an entirely different story line. So it's only a Firelight fanfic in the way that I'm using the same type of dragon creatures. And if you haven't read the book then you need to go read it now!
P.S. You don't have to have read the book to understand the story.

Chapter 1

Character Descriptions

by: Cinderkit
**Here are the main characters and their basic descriptions. Other characters will come in later that aren't on this list.**

Alex (short for Alexandra): A girl of seventeen. She has fire-red hair that stops past her shoulders, and a beautifully sculpted, pale face. She is adopted and she has two brothers. Her family is not very nice to her, at all.

Drake (Drakkon): Not much is known about him until later in the story. He is a very good looking guy, who is slightly muscular, with longish, blackish-brown hair that is just long enough to hang in his face. He hides a dark secret.

Samael: A dangerous killer on the FBI's most wanted list. He has a very dark past.

Glaurung: The leader of the FBI team designed to hunt down dangerous people. He is also harbors a dark secret. He may look human, but he is far from it.

Brendan: Alex's boyfriend. He's tall, muscular, has short, brown hair, and plays on the football team.

Morgan: Alex's best friend. She is a stylish girl with a bubbly personality. She has long, blonde hair and is a Varsity Cheerleader.

Haley and Hannah: Brunette twins who are also friends with Alex. Haley is very bubbly and hyper, but Hannah is practically the opposite. She can be stuck up at times, but she means well.

Janice: Alex's aunt. Smokes, bad temper.

Dave: Married to Janice, Alex's step dad. Also smokes, and drinks, and does drugs. Just about everything bad you can think of really. Has a very bad temper.

Braeden and Corey: Alex's two brothers. Just think of them as Cinderella's evil step sisters, except they're guys.

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