What if? ~ The Story of the Opal Necklace

This is the story of when I was tortured by the Opal Necklace. The chapters will be really short, but I think it'll be fine! I hope you like it.
~Katie Bell

Chapter 1

The Three Broomsticks

"Come on Leanne" I called back at her. "I'm really cold!" I ran a little faster so I could reach The Tree Broomsticks sooner.
"I'll meet you there." Leanne said breathing heavily. "Go on." I looked back and couldn't see Leanne though the thick snow fall. So I ran ever faster... At last! I had reached The Three Broomsticks. I went inside and felt the warm air on my cold face. It felt wonderful.
"Hi Katie!" said a voice in front of me. It was Demelza Rodins.
"Oh, hi!" I said. Demelza was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. "How are you?"
"Oh fine you?" she said smiling.
"Great!" I said out of habit. But that wasn't really true. I had an uneasy feeling. Like... Like the whole world was about to be turned upside down...
Was it? I thought still feeling more uneasy. But... was it?...


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