This is Big Time Crazy: A Carlos Love Story (Big Time Rush)

This is Big Time Crazy: A Carlos Love Story (Big Time Rush)

A girl named Jessica (a.ka. Jessie, or Jes) gets an acting job, and flies off to Hollywood with her little brother and father...but upon meeting these four guys she quickly becomes friends with, tragedy strikes and everything that seemed perfect suddenly changes...

Chapter 1

Big Time Mistake

Jessie's POV

The first thing my dad told me on Saturday was that Aunt Marjorie had bought a brand new Porshe with her money from early retirement. I love Aunt Marj, but I knew this was going overboard. She'd been searching for something to keep her 'young' and I guess this is what she'd found. I rolled my eyes as Dad, Jaxon and I all stepped off the plane.

I could already see the ocean in my mind, feel the California breeze in my hair. I'd gotten an acting job, and we were going to stay at some place called Hollywood Magic Resort. Dad flagged a taxi, and we had got halfway there when Dad's cellphone rang.

"Yeah?" he asked. "You're kidding me! Well, this resort had better be a good one, or I'm taking my business elsewhere!" He angrily flipped his phone closed.

"What's wrong?" Jaxon, my little brother, asked.

Dad sighed. "Hollywood Magic had a computer glitch. They accidentally booked two residents for the same room. The other people got there first, so they booked us with another resort. In the opposite direction. It's called the Palmwoods."

Dad told the taxi driver to turn around and we headed toward the Palmwoods. It only took us fifteen minutes to get there, and when we arrived, it was beautiful. White, red and brown, with a huge pool and a comfortable lobby.

As we walked in, we stepped up to a counter where a heavy man with brown hair, glasses and the unfortunate last name of Bitters greeted us.

"Here's your key. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Palmwoods," he said. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY LOBBY!??" he screamed, whirling around to four boys, who seemed to be fighting.

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