The price to pay - love story

Hey, ok I've had the idea for this story for like forver now... So I thought I might aswell write it. I hope you like it ! Please rate and comment (and you easy on me it's my first story and english is not my mother tongue) Anyways hope you like it
xxx Rael
P.S for some reason some signs like ' or ... turn into retarded letters so sorry if it makes it harder to understand.

Chapter 1


There was once an empire; it was ruled by a king who was strong and fearsome in battle, but also cruel once he had won. The kings empire grew larger and larger, but for him it was never large enough ...

One day when the king invaded a bordering empire called Monvelia he came upon small village. He massacred almost the entire village, including the women and children who dared stand up to him. In one of the houses he walked into he found and old woman clutching to the bloody remains of her son. She had wild grey hair and she was wrinkled like a prume. But her eyes, her eyes were bright with intelligence and strength. "You will pay for this” she shouted the pain clear in her voice. “you will not get away with this! You will pay the price.” The king laughed a cold, cruel laugh. He leaned in close "Watch me" he whispered bringing up his sword, "any last words?”. The woman stood up and looked the king straight in the eye, "Your first son will be your only one" she told him. the king looked confused trying to hide his bewilderment. The woman continued undisturbed, "he will have supernatural ability's and will overpower anybody in combat. But he will marry a peasant. A poor girl, without royal blood of any kind. They will have a bond that is stronger than anything that has ever been seen or experienced before. When the time is right, you will find her, she will be the only one able to match his ability. If he is not married to this girl by the time he is 19 he will die, and take your reign with hi-” . This is when the king ran her through with his sword. Never entitling her to finish the prophecy that would, little did he know. Decide whether his empire fell … Or stood strong

The king, of course, ignored what the old women had told him. His empire continued to grow. But as it grew so did the poverty, and hunger. When the unhappy and hungry people started to rebel. The king used fear and pain to quiet them down again.

There was just one group that continued to fight the king, they called themselves the Heximons . But even the Heximons did not have the power to stop the rain of this cruel king, they could merely slow it down … A little.

A few years after the first rebellion, the kings first son was born, it was a strange child. A child as which had never been seen before. His hair was black, like a ravens wing this was very rare and only very rarely seen at the borders of the empire, it was particularly strange because the king and the queen both had fair hair and brown eyes. But the hair was not the strangest aspect of the child. What really bothered the king and queen, was his eyes, his left eye was a deep blue with a green rim around it and his right eye. His right eye was a brilliant gold. As the child grew older his eye color faded and became more and more brown and muddled. But his hair always remained the same dark shade as before.

This child really was the only child the king ever had. When the queen was pregnant again 2 months after the baby was born, she died. The same happened to all the other women the king married and then became pregnant. Just as the old woman had predicted.


3 years after the prince was born.
In a barn of a extremely poor farmers family; a baby girl was born. Her hair was a very dark brown, the kind that would look black in winter when the nights were cold and dark brown in summer when the sun was shining. Even before the child opened her eyes they knew something was strange about her. All the animals around her seemed to have eyes only for the child. But what really got to her parents was when she opened her eyes. Her left eye was a light green color like the fresh grass in spring with a deep blue rim around it, and her right eye. Her right eye was a startlingly bright color …. It was the color gold …

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