Chapter 1

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*it I was Sold.

Savanna sighs rolling over on to her side. The wind making the hair on her arm stand up. "UGH." Savanna groans sitting up on the floor. She sighs rubbing her wrist where the handcuff is on her, Yanking her hand trying to get the chain to break. "H-hello?" Savanna hears the voice of a young girl. "Hello" Savanna says back looking around in the dark. "Who are y-you?" The Girl asks. "Savanna." She says laying her head on the wall. "I-I'm Sofie." Sofie says crying. "Don't Cry..Just sleep." Savanna says a tear falling down her face.

Savanna jumps when she hears the door open, moving closer to the wall hiding from the light. The fat woman walks closer to Savanna and pulls her up by the arm unlocking her from the chain. She pushes Savanna Up the stairs and into the house. Savanna looks down at her feet letting her eyes adjust to the light. The fat woman pushes Savanna into the living room where a bunch of men and women are sitting with masks on. "Starting Bid $10,000" The Fat woman says making me stand in the middle of the room. People start to hold up there signs making the price bigger and bigger. Savanna looks at her feet tears falling down her cheeks. The fat woman pushes Savanna back into the dark room handcuffing her to the chain again. "I was bought and will be picked up in two days." Savanna says to her self. Sofie starts to cry louder. "Its okay Maybe they will be nice." Savanna falls asleep tears falling down her face.

Savanna Wakes up to screaming and fighting. She looks up to see three new girls not chained up hiting each other. "What the hell guy why are you fighting?" She asks comely. "Shut up we where not talking to you." One yells, Savanna looks down sadly. Savanna sighs as the Fat woman pushes her into a car after car, soon to end up in a plane with a black bag over her head. "Welcome." Savanna hears an older woman say, putting a needle to Savanna's arm soon she falls asleep.


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