When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

Okay so I totally love Starkid and watched it over and over and was inspired to write a story. Joe Walker is totally awesome so I decided to write it about him plus I couldn't find any stories on him. So please do 3 things
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If you do those things you rock, if you don't, well you still rock just for reading this! If you want anything specific to happen just message me or comment with ideas! It will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers! :D

Chapter 4

Show Time!!

by: Asha1
A/N- Thank you all who comment and rate. I really appreciate it plus I'm kinda sick so I apologise if this chapter sux but I'll do my best. Also this starts before the production of Starship. Read on!


"God, I hate dancing in these boots. You think they could've made them a bit more comfy," I whined. "I'm seriously considering wearing socks next time."
"I thought they'd be broken in by now but I guess not," Katie added.
"Let's just get this over with. And also how many girls do you think will actually be at our show?"
"Okay girls you're on. Let's go," Dave told us. "And also sorry for the late notice but you'll all be singing "Blow" by Ke$ha as well."
"Okay," we all replied.
We walked to the stage and stood behind the curtain and put on our microphone headsets. "Emmy, 'Boots and Boys' first," Dave whispered.
I nodded but sighed in my head. Could they give me another that makes me sound not stuck up and slutty. The music started, the curtains opened and I started to sing. (song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-84PQ2nf254)
As I sang I saw all the guys staring and also saw Starkid at the back of the audience watching and trying not to attract attention to themselves. To my surprise there actually were girls there. I finished my song and the crowd cheered and whistled. Phew.
Katie and Jess sang their solos too.
(katie- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZMr4lypCUY)
(jess- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHqFeuyvOWg)

The curtains closed and we were doing 'I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" next. I grabbed my guitar and we all sat down on stools. I kissed my guitar pick for good luck and the curtains reopened and I started playing.
Katie and Jess sang their parts perfectly and I let out a huge sigh of relief when I didn't stuff up any of the chords.
"Okay, thanks everybody who came and we have an extra song for ya," I said. "Ke$ha's 'Blow'. WOO!" I tried to sound as cheerful as I could be.
At the end glitter canons exploded and everyone got covered in glitter. 'Didn't see that coming' I thought. We went backstage and were laughing about all the glitter on us. The Starkids came and they were all nice and shiny.
"That was so much fun," Joey said.
I looked at Joe and he took his hat off and his hair was all glitter free.
"The one thing hats are good for," I said pointing to Joe. "It'll take me ages to get glitter out of my hair."
"That's brains Emmy. Brains," he replied smugly.
"This coming from Walker," Lauren laughed.
"Darren you still cool to sing?" Katie asked.
"Heck yeah let's do this!"
Dave went onstage and announced that Darren would be singing and I think my ears died from all the girl's screaming. I whispered to him, "Do you ever get used to that?"
"After a while you just sort of go with it."
"Well, here he is Mr Darren Criss!" Dave yelled.
"What is up Australia!" Darren yelled into his mic. This time I braced my self for the crowd screaming. There it goes.
Me, Katie and Jess grabbed our mics and walked on stage behind Darren. The music started playing for "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance" and the girls went nuts.
( I know you've probably seen it but just for fun- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-EMJFzd-po)
We had so much fun singing back up and watching Darren bust out some moves. At the end of the song Darren announced that Starkid was here and they came out on stage. More screaming!!! Then the crowd started chanting "sing sing sing sing."
Meredith grabbed the mic off Darren. "Sorry Aussies but not today. We are starting a new production soon so stay tuned. And WE LOVE AUSTRALIA!"
Cue the screaming. We all ran offstage and went back to dance studio. Dave's boss Peter was there. "Ah girls. Great show and sorry about the whole outfit mix up. Welcome Starkid."
"They all muttered their hellos.
"Now girls there are some issues about your performances."
"What? Did we do something wrong?"
"No not at all. You see, even I have a boss above me and he feels that we need another trio of girls."
"You mean, as well as us right?" Katie asked.
"Instead of you. I'm sorry."
"You mean, this was our last show?" I asked.
"I'm afraid so."
This cannot be happening. We were getting fired. But this was my life. I couldn't help but let tears flood my eyes and fall down my face. Jess and Katie were crying as well.
"Girls outstanding show!!" Dave exclaimed. He noticed our expressions and looked at Peter.
"I guess you told them."
Peter nodded and Dave hugged each one of us. "You'll be okay. And I have something that might lift your spirits. Meet Matt and Nick Lang."
We turned around and there they were. I wiped the tears from my face and instantly smiled.
"Hi, Emmy Mitchell."
"Well, I just wanna say you three were absolutely amaizing," Nick said.
"Thank you," Jess chimed.
"Now given your situation we have a proposition for you," Matt said excitingly.
"What?" we all asked.

Haha. Stay tuned. I guess you know what they will ask but it's fun ending chapters like that. Love you guys!

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