When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

Okay so I totally love Starkid and watched it over and over and was inspired to write a story. Joe Walker is totally awesome so I decided to write it about him plus I couldn't find any stories on him. So please do 3 things
1. Read
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If you do those things you rock, if you don't, well you still rock just for reading this! If you want anything specific to happen just message me or comment with ideas! It will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers! :D

Chapter 38

New Starkid Show

by: Asha1
Perfect. That's the only word I would use to describe how I felt right now. Even the moment was just, well...perfect. Joe and I were intertwined in each other's arms with my head on his chest and he was playing with my hair while we soaked up the silence of being alone with no interrupting phone calls or unexpected guests knocking on the door. Every minute that went by seemed like an hour and I wanted to stay in this moment forever but of course you can't always get what you want. I heard the quiet but unmistakable bark of Max and knew that it was probably Darren and Katie back. Joe obviously heard it because he whispered, "Let's just stay in here and be quiet. They don't have to know."
I whispered back, "Our shirts are in the living room though. I think they'll know. They're not blind or stupid. I'll be right back." As soon as I got out of my bed's warm covers I shivered. I hastily pulled my jeans on and a hoodie to cover my bra. If Katie and Darren walk in I don't want Darren to see me in my underwear. Can you say awkward? I ran out to the living room when I heard Katie laughing and I knew she was on the other side of the front door. I dashed across to where our shirts and Joe's hat lay and gathered them up and just before Katie unlocked the door and walked in, I was in my room again and jumped on the bed next to Joe.
"Phew. That was a close one," I said quietly and dropped our stuff on the floor.
"So do you think they're in there?" I heard Darren ask Katie outside my bedroom door.
"I don't know. It's awfully quiet though."
I smiled cheekily and Joe noticed and said, "Please tell me you're not thinking about what I think you're thinking. Don't do it."
"Okay," I said. We just sat there silently and I was getting bored. "But it's me. OH YEAH!" I yelled out and Joe covered my mouth. I laughed with his hand still over my mouth and used my puppy eyes on him so he would move his hand. He wasn't budging. I shook my head in every direction and his hand was gone. "OH JOE!" He shook his head at me and smiled.
"YEAH EMMY! OH GOD!" he yelled and we both laughed quietly. I gave him a questioning look and he shrugged. "It seemed fun," he whispered. There was a knock on the door and I said to Joe, " I was hoping they would leave." I huffed and said, "Um, we're kinda busy if you don't mind."
"Yeah Darren and I can hear," Katie replied. "Would you mind being quieter or just stop?"
"I would mind but you talking kinda ruined the moment," I said back.
"Is it okay to come in?" I took my jeans off and threw them, keeping my hoodie on and got under the covers of my bed with Joe and sat up.
"If you must," I answered and she opened the door slowly and peered around. She walked in and stood at the foot of the bed.
"Okay Emmy. This has nothing to do with you two and...what you were doing. Darren and I were talking and...okay I'd feel much less awkward if we could talk somewhere else and with both of us fully dressed."
"Well, can you pass my jeans then?" She chucked my jeans to me and left the room. I pulled them on and smiled at Joe. "It was fun. Both parts. The real thing and the faking." I pecked him and left for the living room.
"It definitely was," Joe replied staying where he was. I closed my door and sat on the couch with Katie and Darren was standing.
"Hi Darren," I said casually.
"Hi." Well, they might not have left but I just made it awkward between us. "So what were you and Darren talking about?"
"Well Darren is leaving for Glee tomorrow and well he asked me to go with him for a week!" she said excitedly. "Do you know what that means?!"
"Uh, you get to spend more time with Darren?"
"No. Well, yeah I do but I get to meet the Glee cast including Chris Colfer!" Katie was one of Chris' biggest fans. I honestly expected bigger news but I knew how much she wanted to meet Chris.
"Yay," I said and she hugged me tightly.
"Okay I have to pack now. So excited!" Katie ran to her room with Darren. The phone rang and Joe came out of my room with his jeans on but shirtless. "Good thing the phone rang now," he said and went to the kitchen. I smiled. "Good timing for once." I reached for the phone and answered.
"Hi Emmy. It's Nick."
"Hi Nick. What's up?"
"Well we're getting everyone we can for a meeting tomorrow because we have a new musical to do."
"Seriously? That's awesome news. So see you tomorrow then."
"Yep just come by after lunch. Bye Emmy," Nick said and hung up.
Katie walked out and said, "What's the awesome news?"
"New Starkid musical!"
"No way! Oh my god fangirl moment," she said while jumping in excitement. "But I'm leaving tomorrow. When's the meeting?"
Katie's face dropped. "Damn it. Anyway can you use your Hufflepuff skills and help me find the space bags." Katie has grown accustom to asking me to find stuff and most times I do find everything. "And help Walker find a shirt too," she said looking over at Joe in the kitchen.
"I heard that," he said and Katie retorted, "Good so go find one." Katie turned back to me. "Em, you know I love you and that but please listen harder when me or Jess come home next time you decide to do it with Walker." She got up and I rolled my eyes before going off to find the space bags.


I was in the car with Jess who was driving after we dropped Katie off at the airport with Darren and we said whoever drives chooses music so she was playing One Direction. Over all the times she played them I grew to think their music was actually pretty good. It was better than her Justin Bieber CD at least. We pulled up outside the manor and we were both really excited to find out what the musical was.
We walked inside to find most of the StarKids were here. "Okay so since Darren is away for Glee we can't start the production of A Very Potter Senior Year," Matt started, "because well we need Darren to play Harry so instead we had an extra script that we had written which we can do in the meantime. And it's about Batman.
"WOO!" I yelled out. Everyone looked at me. "What? He's my favourite superhero."
"I think you're going to like him even more since we want Walker to play him. Surely you can do Batman's voice Walker," Matt added.
Joe cleared his throat and said in a rough voice, "I'm Batman."
Nick stepped up. "We do have a little problem. We don't have enough of us here to cast every character so there will be some double casts and we thought it would be a good idea to have people audition for the play and become new StarKids."
Jess whispered, "We won't be the newbies anymore."
"After all this time I never really felt like one," I whispered back.
After another hour of casting and reading over the script I was really excited. I was cast as Candy since I could do an evil laugh and a high pitched voice. i thought it would be fun to play a villain. We were holding auditions next week for the rest of the casting. I honestly couldn't wait to see what new people would join us.


Hey guys! So I know boring chapter but it was a filler. And I haven't written a chapter since last year in MAY. Been super busy the past year and I'll be a lot busier this year so I will try my best to write my stories and upload them as soon as I can. I'm really sorry for the wait and I will understand if you're too mad to comment but I still love all you guys who read this.
'I'll ignore that some of you were late...if you ignore that I was the latest.'
Ash =D

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