When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

Okay so I totally love Starkid and watched it over and over and was inspired to write a story. Joe Walker is totally awesome so I decided to write it about him plus I couldn't find any stories on him. So please do 3 things
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If you do those things you rock, if you don't, well you still rock just for reading this! If you want anything specific to happen just message me or comment with ideas! It will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers! :D

Chapter 3

Meeting the Crew and Stupid Rules

by: Asha1
A/N: Hey guys! Just a quick author's note. Okay so I changed Sarah's name to Jess so they're still the same person just a different name. That's it!! Thanx for reading and everyone who comments. Also a shout out for Starkid 27 for helping me with the chapter (aka my sis)! STARKID FOREVER!!!! :D


"Guys, what is so hard?" I was teaching Katie and Jess the new choreography. "It's arm, arm, hip, hip and down, come up slowly and pose."
"We're sorry Em. We're just so excited about meeting Starkid!" Katie screamed.
"Especially Darren Criss right?"
"Shut up," she retorted with a smile.
"Well, do you guys know who I'm excited to meet?" Jess asked. Gu..."
We cut her off, "Joey Richter."
"You guys know me too well. What about you Em? We both know who you like."
They both smiled at me and said in unison, "Joe Walker."
"Yeah yeah. Whatever. He is my fave. Anyway back to choreography."
Just then our boss Dave walked in, his brown hair all messy.
"Hey girls."
"Hey Dave," we replied with our girly voices.
"Okay so you know Starkid's coming and that we changed this show to skirts and boots."
"I'm sorry, what? This week was supposed to be jeans and converse. Since when did we change it to denim skirts and the black, heeled leather boots that kill our feet?" I asked.
"Well, my boss told me to change it because apparently when you did both outfits last week he surveyed the audience and they preferred skirts and boots."
Jess cut in. "Most of that audience was guys though."
"I'm sorry girls but the audience wants what it wants. Also you know the songs you need to sing with the outfits?"
"Yes," we all replied in our glum tones. How could we forget. Two Ke$ha songs-Boots & Boys which was my solo, Chain Reaction for Katie and my favourite, from the movie Step up, Til the Dawn for Jess. (I'll put the link up for each of the songs in the next chapter!)
Dave noticed our mood. "Cheer up girls. Katie and Jess, you're singing the duet 'I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty' and Emmy you'll be playing the guitar for it okay?"
"Okay," we said in slightly happier tones.
Dave's phone started ringing. "Go," he answered
"Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Great."
"Okay guys. Starkid's here and you will meet them before the show, so don't pass out or do anything stupid. They already have enough screaming fan girls."
We all nodded. My heart was beating so fast I could die from heart failure. I turned to Katie and Jess.
"Maybe we should talk or practice choreography so it doesn't look like we've been waiting for them."
"I vote for chorie," Katie said. Me and Jess both nodded so we went over it when he heard voices down the hallway.
"They're here," Jess whisper yelled while practicing.
"Keep going."
I heard them enter, looked in the mirrors and saw the reflections of the Starkids watching us practice.
"One, two, three and four, five, six, seven and eight," I said and we finished.
"Great job guys." Some of the Starkids started clapping. It felt a bit awkward.
"Okay so girls," Dave said, "Well, you know who these guys are. Starkid this is Jess, Katie and Emmy," he said pointing to each of us.
"Hey," we all said coolly.
"What? No g'day, Welcome to the land down under?" Joe Walker said with an Aussie accent and also with a cowboy hat on his head. God. He was way hotter in real life.
I replied. "Profiler huh? I guess you also believe the rumours that we have kangaroos in our backyard?"
"You don't?" he asked along with Brian Holden and Joe Moses.
Me and the girls laughed and said, "No."
My phone started ringing and my ringtone was 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.' The lyrics came and Darren was mouthing the words. I was a tad embarrassed and I accidentally hit speaker phone.
"Emmy? I didn't think you would answer." Oh god. It was Tyler.
"And now I'm hanging up. Goodbye."
"Emmy please. Just hear me out."
"Please Tyler. Save the whole sorry story and tell someone who cares. Who, by the way is not me."
"Babe if I could re arrange everything that I did..."
I cut him off. "Okay two things. One- don't ever call me babe again and two- the only thing that would be re arranged, would be your face if I ever see it again. Goodbye."
I hung up and threw my phone in my bag.
I heard Joe whisper, "I like her."
"So sorry you had to hear that."
Dave clapped once. "Girls, you're on in ten minutes. You need to change out of your jeans and converse."
We all nodded and were about to leave the room when Darren spoke up.
"Hey, since you like that song I would be happy to sing it when you girls are done performing. Is that cool?"
Katie's face lit up. "OMG! Yes!!" She calmed down. "Yeah, yeah it's cool. We'll sing back up."
I hid a smile but it crept through when I saw Jess staring at Joey.
"Come on mates. We need to get going," I said in a strong Aussie accent. "Or we'll be late getting home to feed the kangas."
I saw most of the Starkids smiling but especially Joe. We left the room and went to the change rooms to endure a half hour of studio lights and gawking guys. Why skirts and boots? Stupid rules.

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