When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

When You Walked Into My Life I Knew You Were It (A Joe Walker Love Story)

Okay so I totally love Starkid and watched it over and over and was inspired to write a story. Joe Walker is totally awesome so I decided to write it about him plus I couldn't find any stories on him. So please do 3 things
1. Read
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3. Rate
If you do those things you rock, if you don't, well you still rock just for reading this! If you want anything specific to happen just message me or comment with ideas! It will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers! :D

Chapter 2

My Typical Saturday Morning

by: Asha1
I rolled over and slammed the snooze button on my alarm clock and rubbed my eyes. UGH! Getting up at seven in the morning on a Saturday because of my job. Don't get me wrong I love my job but it can be a bit demanding sometimes. I get up out of bed and my dog Max came running in and wagging his tail hysterically.(pic-http://dogspage.co.uk/puppy-for-sale/border-collie-puppies.php SCROLL DOWN TO THE 2ND PIC).
"Hey Max. How are ya?"
He barked at me and dashed out of the room. He came back seconds later, his food bowl in his mouth. He dropped it at my feet and barked. My phone rang and I answered it.
"Hey Em. Are you ready to sing and dance today at the entertainment expo?" my best friend Katie said ecstatically.
"Yeah I am. Is Jess coming?"
"You bet I am!!" Jess screamed.
"Okay first, warn me when we're on a three way and second why are you guys so happy?"
"Hey Katie, should we tell her?"
"I don't know. She might freak."
"I'm waiting you guys."
"Okay on three Jess," Katie said. "One, two, three. STARKID'S COMING!!" they screamed.
I think I just had a stroke. Starkid was coming. Star freakin' kid.
"WHAT? How do you know?"
"Our boss just called us and said that they were coming to Australia. Apparently he's tight with Matt and Nick Lang. I can't believe he never told us. Anyway, I need to go. Mum's calling. Later guys."
"Later Katie," me and Jess said in unison.
"I need to go too Jess. Max is looking at me with his 'I'm hungry' look."
"Okay, dad's calling me. You're lucky you don't live with your parents Emmy. I'll pick you up at around 8. See you then."
"Yeah see ya later."
I hung up and grabbed Max's bowl and went and fed him.
An hour later I was dressed in my jeans and my favourite t-shirt.(put your own clothes in.) I packed my bag and headed for the door. "Bye Max." I gave him a hug and he started to lick my face. I giggled and he barked. "Love ya boy. Be home soon." My phone rang just as I stepped out the door and saw Jess waiting in her car. I rummaged through my bag and answered.
"Howdy hey?"
"Honey, I thought I told you to stop answering your phone like that," my mum's voice said.
"Mum, it's my own bloody phone. Anyway, what is it? I need to go and do the show and teach Jess and Katie the new choreography."
"Your ex-boyfriend Tyler called here again. Can't you tell him you moved?"
"I'd rather not. Anyway what did that cheater want?"
"He told me to tell you that he is extremely sorry for what he did and to call him some time."
"And what did you say back?"
"Um,,,uh I," she hesitated.
"What. Did. You. Tell. Him?" I said irritated.
"Please don't be mad but I gave him your mobile number."
"Muum," I whined. "I broke up with him and changed my number for a reason."
"You never did tell me why you broke up with him. You were so upset..."
"He was shagging the girl I hated most in this world okay," I cut her off.
"Oh," was all she said.
"I need to go mum. Love you."
"Love you too hun. Bye."
I hung up and held back tears that were threatening to spill over. I shook it off and got in Jess' car.
"Hey. Thanks for picking me up Jess."
"No probs. Who were you talking too?"
"Mum. About him," I said in a monotone voice.
"I can't believe he did that to you," she said driving. "Sleeping with that bi.tch."
"I'm over it. I want to forget about him. Although guess what my mum did."
"Oh I love guessing." I loved Jess' quirkiness. "Told him that you still like him."
"Told him where you live."
"Keep going."
"Okay...did she do something with him."
"I meant hang out together. It's not my fault you have a dirty mind."
"She gave him my number okay."
"That's not too bad."
"Not too bad. He could call me any moment and I won't know what to say."
"You'll figure it out."
We pulled up in front of the entertainment expo and met up with Katie.
"You guys good to go?" I asked happily.
We linked arms and walked in ready for the day ahead.

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