Moving To La Push

This is my first story i have ever written, so idk if it's good or not and if im gonna continue it

Chapter 1

Moving To La Push (Intro)

It's about a girl named Victoria and she lives with dad. Her mom is Emily. Yes, the one and only but she doesn't have the scars on her face. Anyway, Victoria's dad was killed in a car crash so she has to move in with Emily. Victoria could honestly care less because he was mean to her and made her do things on her own. She didn't go to Emily cuz she didn't have a way to contact her and she didn't know where she lived. Emily had Victoria when she was only 15 years old. She thought she was in love. Her and Bill tried to make it work, but She couldn't handle the pressure and didn't want to give Victoria to a foster home. So now she is ready to see her daughter and make things right again. She didn't tell Sam about what happened, but he will soon find out. Bill could transform into different animals and so can Victoria. Emily doesn't know anything about that. Victoria has some of the werewolf qualities like having a high temperature, fast healing, strength, and speed. When she transforms, her clothes don't rip apart. She doesn't "smell" like a werewolf but her scent is different from humans. IDK who she should fall in love with or who should imprint on her.

Victoria:(Looks like Victoria Justice) 16, sweet, can be shy, kind and respectful, can be perverted but in a fun way, impatient, will get an attitude with someone if they mess with her, a good fighter, loves to sing

Likes: food, music, boys, chillin with friends, paranormal, changing into cute animals, making friends, partying, going to clubs, jersey shore, Justin Bieber,scary movies, cussing, singing, her mustang

Dislikes: hunters, mean people, fake people, liars, Smoking, commercials, school, Bella, dumb/stupid people, waiting for stuff

Music: hiphop, rap, pop, hates country music but has an exception fortaylor swiftand carrie underwood hates metal, screamo, some rock-just depends on who's singing and how the music is
The wolf pack and Emily:


Leah. She actually doesn't hate Victoria : )








I am not gonna be good at writing this, but i'll try ;D

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