Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 16

OMFG i am back.And i hugely appologize for the fricken two month wait, but i promise you that will NEVER happen again. Soo Scorpius is backkk , psshh im pretty sure that's why most people read this anyway because of him. But since this is just a filler, he is not in it as much, but i will make sure to have alot of him in the next chapterr. Sorry that this chapter is sooo short too

Gosh i missed you guys alott, but please COMMENT and RATE

Chapter 1

"Good Job Draco"

by: kinewnew
Lips were pressed against mine, and my eyes flew open. Draco was staring down at me with a smirk on his face.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said, I smiled and pulled him down towards me so I could kiss him. The kiss was starting to get heated but Scorpius started to stir, which made Draco break away from me.

“Good morning mommy and daddy,” Scorpius yawned.

“Good morning sweetie,” I told him with a smile.

It was then that there was a loud knock on the door. Without waiting for an
answer the person barged straight in.

“Mistress Adriana, you are wanted by master snape in the dungeon and Young
Malfoy is wanted in his father's room.” Travers told us.

“What does father want with me?” Draco asked confused.

“It is not Elder Malfoy who wants you, it is the Dark Lord who has called for
you.” Travers told him, and I saw realization come across Draco's face.

Scorpius got up to follow Draco out.

“Er.. Scorp, come with me, kay?” I said quickly, and he reluctantly nodded.

“See you later,” Draco said as he kissed my cheek.

Draco's POV

I walked out of the room and towards my father's room.

“Ah, Draco we've been waiting,” That slithery voice ran down my spine.

“Sorry my lord,” I bowed.

He motion me over with his frail fingers. “You do know why I have sent for you?”

“No my lord,” I told him.

“You and Adriana are getting by just fine I suppose?” He asked casually... well
as casually as he could.

“Of course my lord,” I nodded.

“She has told you that she loved you,”

I nodded again.

“And you have said you loved her as well?”


“But you do not mean it, correct?”

I hesitated.

He turned to face me, “Correct Draco,” His voice asked dangerously.

“Y-yes my lord that is correct,” I told him.

His face turned up slightly, “Foolish girl, she honestly thinks you love her. Good
work Draco. I knew you were more dependent then your father. You are now

“Thank you my lord,” And I hurriedly left the room.

Normal POV

“Adriana you must concentrate harder,” Snape cried fustratedly.

“I can't do that when you are yelling at me,” I snapped back. My forehead was
damp with sweat.

“Okay training over,” Snape sighed, his tone softer.

I nodded and walked out of the door with Scorpius.

“Mommy, what were you and that man doing,” Scorpius asked.

“Nothing for you to worry about right now sweetie,” I told him as I entered the
room. Draco was laying down on the bed, though I knew he was wide awake.

He turned to face me as I laid next to him, a smile bright on his face.

“Goodnight love,” he whispered against my lips.

“Night Draco,” I whispered back.


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