Catch A Grenade

This is about a girl named Britney who fall in love with Jordan But then break up and go with Chris Brown

Britney:Age 19.Favorite color is Purple.Born in Los Angeles

Jordan:age 19 favorite color red born In LA

Chris Brown:19 favorite color red born in Virgina

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Friday was my first day at a new school.They where alot of people crowding the hall way.I tripped and fell down on the ground.Three girls went by laughing.Then the bell rung the crowd got smaller and smaller per minute.Then this one guy caught my eye.He was walking then he turned around and looked at me with a little grin.I started blushing.I was staring at him for a while until this girl closed my locker.She said "Hey I see you like him.I can hook yall to up".I started laughing "What is your name cause you seem like cool peps". She said."Tiffany But I prefer Tiff what is your name"."Britney but I prefer Brit".Okay we started walking down the hallway giggling then the announcement came on the speaker.It said "All student please report to the gym all students please report to the gym".We walked to the gym with a confused look on our faces.It was the principal.He said "Okay students today is the day when the football team is at the championship".I saw all the football players.I saw the boy I saw.i asked Brit what his name was she said "Jordan".I stared at him.He looked at me cause I was in the second row and gave me wink.I started to blush.He started smiling.I started bitting my nails.When the announcement was over I ran over to Jordan.I said "Hey Jordan I am Britney I...I ...Like you".Jordan started blushing then looked over to his friend then looked back at me and said "What is your cell phone number".I took his phone and put my number in it.He said "Call you tonight"."I said "Okay" while blushing.I walked over to Tiffany blushing.She said "what happened there".I gave him my cell phone number and he is gonna call me.

When it was time to go home I got a text from Jordan.(J=Jordan B=Britney

J-Hey Brit wanna go on a date with me tonight at seven
B- Yeah I would love to
J-Okay pick you up at seven

I told Brit what happened she said "can I come over your house and spend a night for the weekend".I said "Sure I have the whole house to my self for this year my mom is at work in Europe and I wanted to stay here".She said "Okay lets walk to my house so I can get my clothes".We walked to her house.To find out my house was around the corner from her's.We walked back to my house I put on Tiffany said "Hey you have alot of clothes ,shoes,jewlery girl can I borrow some stuff then when I bring it back I can trade".I said "Sure why not".Then I got a text from Jordan saying I am outside

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