People, I need ur help.

People, I need ur help.

Do u think I should do a story bout Final Fantasy 7?
n srry bout the pic. I just wanted to put a random pic there. n it says: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!

Chapter 1

preview if i do. I already have 4 chapter.

He just sat there. Dying. I couldn't help him. "Why did you have to die?" I whispered to no one. As I looked down, I could see the blood on his face. He took his hand and pulled my face down. My face was right where he was stabbed, causing his blood to get on my face. He let go and it took me a few seconds to realize his hand had let go. I slowly straightened my back and looked to where he was looking at. I put his blade in his hand and remembered all the times where he was a friend. Sometimes even a jerk to me. But all that didn’t matter anymore. I snapped back to reality and saw his life force go. I sat there and screamed out in pain and started to cry. Then, someone came up from behind me and-
That was it. The end of the dream. "Wow. That was pretty intense. And you keep having those kinds of dreams?" I heard a voice say.
"Yea… lately. It always has to do with somebody dying. I don’t know why." I said back. Then, a door opened and a girl came out. She had long, white hair down to her butt with purple and black highlights in it. She was wearing a black top with black and red checkered, skinny jeans. She wore no shoes because they were in her hand. Her name was Jasmine. Then after she came out, Zack came out too. His face was shocked, like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
"You've been dreaming of my death!?" He almost yelled.
"Hey! I don’t have control over my dreams!" I said.
"Smart a.z.z." He responded. Jasmine smiled a little for once. She hasn’t smiled since her parents died right before her eyes. She had just joined the SOLDIERs and had become a first-class when she went on a mission concerning her hometown. Genesis had been there and killed them in front of her. Of course, that was right before Angeal died. Which led Zack to Aerith and he eventually started to date her...
n have u heard of The Lonely Island? If not, u should listen to them. n if u have, have u heard their song called Jack Sparrow? here is the link to the video:
It's really funny! n I LOVE THE LONELY ISLAND!!


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