Fix You [2]

Fix You [2]

He sees her walk. Strut. Laugh. Sing. Perform. Everything.

He won't let her fall. Elliot promises that. Elliot loves her.

Love can hurt. Sometimes it's not meant to be.

Life is the greatest gift of all. But Elliott doesn't think so.

*Some of the information in this story is false*

Dedicated to Justin Elliott Yates who took his life on October 31 2009. Bless him and keep him in all of our hearts.

Chapter 1

I Can Be the One

They giggled, high pitched and annoying giggles.

Except one. Her laugh was the angel's singing. A repetitive chorus of lovely melodies. He didn't mind hers. It echoed over the others, drowning out other noises.

That's how he lived. He bit the sour apple in his palm, listening to the soothing sound of her laugh. He relaxed in his seat.

Elliott was popular. Kristina was too.

"Justin!" Someone yelled.
Elliot did not flinch. He did not want to be called Justin, but rather his middle name, Elliott. Elliott hated his first name, hands down. No reason why. Elliott was his preferred name. But the voice was vaguely familiar.

"Elliott, he's talking to you" Tarek (pronounced ty-reek) jerked his head over behind him. Elliott still did not flinch. Kristina was absolutely beautiful. In no way did he plan to leave this stupid school until he had met her lips.

Kristina's lips. Shiny and peach, he imagined leaning forward for one kiss. Then her lips would curl into a smile, and Elliott would have her forever.

"Dude," Tarek punched his arm playfully. Annoyed, Elliott turned towards the shaggy headed friend.

Brett, Elliott's father, jogged lightly towards him, Chick-Fil-A bags and drinks in his arms.

"Oh God," Elliott huffed. He propped himself up on his elbow, covering his face with his pale palm.

"Justin," Brett echoed. "Brought you lunch." Elliott shuttered.

"Dad, call me Elliott. I'm Elliot Yates"

"Okay, mister Elliot Yates"

Brett had plopped onto the bench and passed Elliott a package of chicken nuggets. Tarek snatched one and stuffed it into his mouth. He had his sleek new black cellphone in front of him, texting away.

"Whacha texting about?" Elliott wondered out loud. Brett looked down, then brought a phone to his ear.

Elliott peeled his eyes from Kristina and scanned the entire cafeteria of Byron Steele High School.

Trista Fournier and Kelsey Schmidt were striding together, blissful friends. "I got miss Bahe, (pronounced bah-hee) remember? Maybe we can go to the river later." Trista said. Kelsey nodded and replied.

Kelsey was pretty also, like Trista. Kelsey had light brunette hair strung in a small pony tail. Kelsey had a voice like a southern bell and she was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Kristina.

Trista had her share of good looks. Her hair was a white-blonde, although it hadn't stayed like that. Her face was covered in cute freckles, her blue eyes wavering. Trista had probably liked Elliott, and Elliott would of liked her back if it weren't for Kristina.

Every moment was about Kristina. He swore he was in love.

But Kristina doesn't know about this love. Although she was within the incrowd, and Elliott was there also, she was out of his league.

But he had to try. Elliott loved her. Elliott was popular, with Tarek. Whatever happened he had to try. It meant he had a chance. One shot at being her everything.

And he had to try. He couldn't express it enough. Elliott and Kristina. It would be all over the deranged school. He wouldn't mind. He would wrap his arms around her waist and melt into nothingness.

Elliott would like that.

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