Holden Onto My Heart (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Main Character: Mikayla (Kayla, K, Mickey) Johnson. Tall, skinny, long brown hair, big brown eyes.

If you don't know StarKid you probably won't understand a lot of this. I highly recommend watching all of their plays and videos on YouTube!

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Chapter 1

The Show Must Go On

Author's Note: Woo! I finally got the first chapter up! Ok, real quick though... I'm just warning you most of this won't be super accurate like with dates and where everyones living, things like that. I'm going to tweak things to fit into the story better. Ok, I'm done with boring you... on to the story!

"Guys can you believe this?!" I squeal as I tease my hair out more.
My friend Joslin grins, "Kayla, your hair is even poofier than Bonnie's. You're good." Our other friend Vicki nods in agreement.
I smile and spray more hairspray on. "There. I may be frumpy but I'm super smart."
"Wrong musical," Vicki says with a laugh. "We're going to see the sequel remember?"
"How could I forget!" I exclaim excitedly. My friends and I are all sophomores at the University of Michigan. We follow StarKid religiously and when they announced they'd be coming here to re-perform one of their shows we immediately bought tickets. "I am the coolest girl in the whole wide world," I sing. "Better?"
"Much better y'all," Vicki says with a Dixie accent. She's dressed as Cho and Joslin is Ginny. I have no idea how she did it but she even found some hideous yellow shoes to wear.

We arrive two hours early since we're all very impatient. "We should have camped out," Joslin says, "then we might have seen them."
"We still can! C'mon guys," I grab their arms and pull then away from the crowd. "I know this building like the back of my hand. Let's go StarKid hunting."
"Too bad I didn't bring my nerf gun!" Vicki says with a laugh.

"We're lost!" Joslin exclaims. "We'll probably miss the whole show while we're wandering around here."
I roll my eyes, "We aren't lost. I just can't find them." As soon as I say that I hear voices. " Never mind, I think I just found them." We all hurry down the hall towards a closed door. Once we're closer I can make out individual voices.
"Guys how do we tell a house-full of people the show's canceled?!" someone asks.
Someone else yells, "The show must go on!"
"Umbridge says Bonnie should suck it up and make her momma proud even though she can't talk. Uh duh duh duh."
"Walker get the hell out of character! We aren't going on!"
I turn back to my friends, "Maybe we should go. It sounds like they're having a bit of a crisis."
"No show?" Vicki looks like she's going to cry.
I shrug, "I'm sure they'll figure it out. Come on."
I turn to leave and run straight into someone. A pack of Red Vines falls to the floor. A familiar voice yells, "Oh my God! Night troll!" I look and see Joey Richter staring at me. "Whoa you're not Hermione."
I shake my head, trying to hold in a fangirl scream. "No I'm Mikayla. And you're Joey Richter!"
"Thanks for clearing that up, I forgot. But hey, come with me. You could be the answer to all of our problems."
I look over at my two friends who both appear to be in shock. "Can they come?"
Joey nods and leads us all into the room. It looks like complete chaos in there. Everyone is running around. "Guys!" Joey yells, "Problem solved! Darren! Nick! Come here!"
Darren Criss appears out of the crowd. I hear Joslin and Vicki whispering excitedly to one another. "How'd you solve our problem Joey?"
Joey points at me. "There's your answer." I give him a confused look but he just smiles at me.
"What's going on?" a guy I recognize as Nick Lang shows up next to Joey. He glances over me and nods. "This might work."
"What?!" I ask exasperatedly. Don't get me wrong, being backstage with Starkid is amazing! But I want to know what they're going to do with me!
Darren looks at me, "How many times have you see AVPS?"
I shrug. "At least twenty times. Probably more. I have basically every line memorized," I say with a blush.
"Have you ever performed on stage before?"
What is this? Twenty questions? "Yeah. I'm a theatre major here."
Nick butts in, "Can you sing?"
"Let me answer!" Joslin speaks up, "She'll say no and she's wrong. Mickey's amazing!"
"Well uh... sing something," Joey says.
I shrug, "Okay?" I sing The Coolest Girl. Once I'm done the three guys look at each other, nodding.
Darren looks at me again. "Alright, what's your name again?"
"Mikayla Johnson."
"Well Mikayla Johnson, Bonnie has completely and totally lost her voice. So what would you say if I asked you to play Hermione tonight?"
This scream I can't hold in.
Nick grins, "I'll take that as a yes. Darren you're all ready, take her to makeup."
And so begins the greatest adventure of my life.

I don't get much time to socialize with anyone, we're all too busy getting ready. I have to poof out my hair even more because some of it has fallen. A mute, coughing Bonnie helps me. "Thanks for doing this," she croaks.
I can't believe this is happening! I mean poor Bonnis but.... I get to be a StarKid! My dream's coming true, even if it's just for one night.
Once I'm ready I find myself sitting by Darren and Joey again. "You sure you wanna do this?" Darren asks while Joey makes sure he has his Red Vines.
I nod, "This is my dream! You guys are so amazing, I never thought I would actually be able to perform with you! I'd never pass this up!"
Joey smiles, "Hey, I never thought I'd perform with you either."
"An hour ago you didn't even know me!"
"So?" Joey asks, reaching over to adjust his headband on Darren.
"Hey Richter, go tell the audience Mikayla's playing Hermione tonight," Nick orders as he walks by. Joey gives him a thumbs up and walks through the door out to the stage. Darren and I laugh when the band plays Ron's theme music as he walks out.
"Okay guys! Places!" someone yells. My smile grows even bigger. It's time.

The show goes great. I don't miss any cues and I remember the words. The audience clapped really loud for The Coolest Girl. I think they liked me!
"Hey Herman!" I hear someone yell as my friends and I walk back to my car. We'd already said our goodbyes to the cast. I turn and see Holden running up.
"Yeah? What's up Professor?" I ask.
He smiles at me. "They all want me to ask you for your number."
I raise my eyebrows, "Why?"
He shrugs, "To keep in touch I guess. So... can I have your number? I'll give it to Lauren and she can call you for whatever it is."
I shrug, "Sure. Here." I write my number on his hand.
"Thanks a lot for doing this tonight," he says, "You did... well... totally awesome."
I laugh, "Thanks! So did you."

A few days later I'm sitting in the apartment I share with Vicki and Joslin when my phone rings. I smile and listen to the first few notes of I Still Think before answering. "Hello?"
"Hi, this is Mikayla right?" I recognize Lauren Lopez's voice.
"Yeah! Hi Lauren, what's up?"
"Well, we just had a StarKid meeting and we all agree that you're super talented."
I feel a smile stretch across my face, "Thanks. You guys are way better though."
"Whatever. Anyways, we all took a vote and decided to ask you a very important question."
"Okay, what is it?" I ask, gripping the phone tighter.
I hear Lauren talk to someone in the background. Then I hear everyone from StarKid yell, "Will you join us?!"
"What?!" I gasp.
Lauren laughs, "Do you want to join StarKid?"
"Yes!" I yell, before remembering she was on the phone.
"Ow," Lauren laughs again, "Good. We're still here in Michigan so we'll send someone over to pick you up tomorrow. You can stay with me until you get a place in Chicago."
"Oh my gosh thank you! This is amazing!"
"See you later!"
"Bye! Thanks!" I hang up the phone. And then it really hits me. They asked me to join StarKid. All of my hard work has paid off. I sit on my bed and the tears come.
"We're home!" Vicki announces, walking in. "Hey what's wrong?"
Joslin makes her way into the room, "What happened Mickey?"
I shake my head, "Nothing bad. They just asked me to... to be a StarKid!"
"That's amazing!"
I smile at them, "Guys, I'm a StarKid."

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