The Swamp Monster

I published this on DeviantART, I thought.. Why not put it on here? This is a dream that I had just last night. *Smiles* I hope you like it. Please comment(:

Note: It's not a nightmare, I actually enjoyed this dream. *Small smile*

Chapter 1

The Swamp

by: Special
Thunder rolled outside the dark mansion. I yawned and continued sitting in my chair. I was very tired. The dark jacket I was wearing over my jeans and shirt didn't help at all, it made me more comfortable. I took it off because it was getting too hot and I let it drop to the floor. I was listening to the man in front of me as I took off my jacket. He was informing me and the people around me of some sort of swamp monster that has been terrorizing him for ages. Apparently this swamp monster had the power to change forms, and has sneaked itself inside more than once. This man hasn't allowed anybody in or out of his home in months. He, himself, would only go out of his home to go to meetings and to go shopping. He has finally had enough of this monster and sent a letter out to us for our help.

My friends and I were monster hunters, only I was one of the more unenthusiastic of the group. My friends reminded me of the Scooby Doo cast. There were three girls and two guys. The blond boys name was Daniel and I couldn't remember the grown haired boys name for the life of me. The red-headed girl, Veronica, liked Daniel. The two other girls were both dark-skinned and their names were Tina and Kristy. Out of the entire group, I would say that Kristy was my best friend. We could talk about anything with each other. She understood my needs and wants and I understood hers. The group also had a dog, Spark. He was supposed to be half wolf and half Irish Wolfhound. He was more wolf than anything else in him. He had the build of a wolf and the height of a Wolfhound. In my eyes, he was just a giant brown wolf. As I listened to this old mans story, Spark walked up beside me and rested his giant head on my hand. The man told us to hurry and set out to look for the monster, and so we did.

We split up and I always hated splitting up. Usually, Spark came with me but this time he went with Daniel and the brown haired boy. I watched them leave and I smiled as I watched Sparks tail wagging slowly. Kristy chose to go with me instead of going with Veronica and Tina. Kristy and I only just started walking when we got separated. The forest seemed to be more alive than it should be. I had no idea where I was, I didn't know my surroundings. I felt completely stupid but I knew how to get around because I live in the forest back at home. I was jumping from rock to rock across streams and walking through the trees to find someone, anyone. I shouted for Kristy but I couldn't find her anywhere. I shouted for her again and almost immediately, I ran into Veronica and the monster was in front of her. I didn't know what to do and I just stood there.

The monster stood high like a human and it was about six feet tall. I nearly gagged because it smelled awful, like sewage. It wasn't furry, it had long, tangled green-brown hair all over it. There were no bald spots or anything on it, it was all hair except for it's face. It had these blank as ink eyes and nasty looking teeth. It's nose was pushed into it's face and if it had ears, they were under all of that hair. I turn and reached for a stick to hit it with but, when I turned back to it, it was gone and so was Veronica. I cursed and I ran down a open path I saw and I nearly ran right into Daniel. He was yelling at me for some reason but I couldn't really make out what he was saying. I couldn't hear him well. So, I slowly walked around him and continued down the path. The trees around me seemed to be taller and darker looking than I remembered. Night had already fell over the sky but I could still see. There were randomly placed lit lanterns and controlled fires everywhere to keep everything bright enough to see.

I was completely alone while walking down this path and I felt like something was with me. I suddenly felt very comfortable, which is very unusual since I'm walking down an unsafe path. I then felt something on my arm and I gasp when I looked to see a python on my arm. The snake had a very beautiful pattern on it and it was moving smoothly up my arm. I was intimidated at first because its head was crouched back and that is a possible strike threat, but it didn't. It rested it's head back on my arm and looked at me right in the eyes. This snake had complete black eyes and actually looked like it was crying thick ink. I felt relaxed and it moved up my arm and around my neck and I blinked and it was gone. I was slightly upset that it was gone and I ran up the path and I ran into Kristy. I told her about the snake and about how beautiful it was and how much I loved snakes and she smiled because she knew I loved snakes. She took my arm gently and pulled me ahead toward the mansion.

I turned around and I saw Spark walking up to me, wagging his tail and he had some blood on his teeth and fur. I blinked slowly at him and pet him behind his ears and he licked my hand. I checked if he wasn't hurt and he wasn't. I looked ahead and I saw the mansion, looking grim and gloomy in the moon and fire light. A wind blew over the open space and leaves danced across the ground. Spark growled but when I looked at him, he quieted down and he reached up and licked my face. I wiped my face, slightly disgusted, because it was blood and dog spit. I looked at Kristy and I had a questioning tone in my voice, "Where're the others?" She shrugged.


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