Torn (A Justin Bieber vs. Cody Simpson love story)

in this paige is taylor swift's little sister, and REALLY good at singing, dancing, and the string and electric bass. This starts when they were 14 and before they were famous. (At first, Paige doesn't know taylor is her sister)

Chapter 1


"Hey, Paige," Justin said as i opened the door.
"Hey," I smiled then hugged him. He came in and i shut the door. "So, wht movie do you want to go see?"
Justin shrugged, "Whatever you want. Is anyone else coming?"
"Yeah, cody should be here any minute."
"Cool," Justin said, but there was something in his eyes that made me think there was something wrong.
"You okay?" I asked him.
"Yeah, why wouldn't i be? I'm about to see a movie with my girlfriend and best friend."
I nodded, but i still saw something dark in his eyes. The doorbell rang.
"That's Cody!" I said, then opened the door. Cody was standing there in a red leather jacket, and black jeans.
"You guys will not believe what's in my pocket," Cody said, smiling.
"What?" I asked, then screamed as He reached in his pocket and pulled out three tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in 2 weeks.
"How did you get these?" I asked Cody, excitedly.
He shrugged, "I have my ways." I laughed then hugged him.
"Justin interupted us, "I thougtht those were sold out."
"Nope," cody said, then laughed. "So, guys. Are we going to a movie or what?"
I nodded, then we all went outside to Cody's sleek blue car. I got in the passenger seat, and Justin got in the back. Cody started the car, and we drove off to the mall. We cranked up the radio, and listened this awesome station that only plays Taylor Swift. We all sang along, and we're all singers, so it actually sounded good.
When we got to the mall, we went upstairs to the theater, and bought tickets to the new pirates of the caribbean. We still hads an hour left till it started, so we decided to go downstairs and shop a little. Cody and justin went to go look in hollister, and i went to aeropostale. I hugged both of them goodbye, and agreed to meet up in the theater in 45 minutes.
Justin's pov
God, i hate that idiot, Cody. Why did Paige just have to be friends with him and invite him to this movie. I mean, it's awesome that he got us all taylor swift tickets, but that ausralian freak is really getting to me. I mean, he keeps on flirting with Paige, right in front of me! I'm so glad Paige left, i'm going to that dude in hollister, tell him what i think of him.
I hugged Paige, then she left to go to aeropostale. Cody and turned around and headed off to hollister. When we got there, Cody looked at the shorts, and i looked at some shirts. He picked out some to try on, so i did too. Cody walked towards the dressing rooms, and i followed. we got rooms next to each other, and i went inside. Immediately i pulled out my phone, and texted Cody, "Hey, you'd better stop flirting with Paige, she's my girlfriend."
A few seconds later, cody's response came, "Justin, I'm sorry. It's just......i've never met someone as perfect as her, anyone that wanted to be my friend. Plus, you have tons of girls that like you."
I smirked, did he really just say that? "Whatever, sorry. I just get jealous sometimes. Friends?"
Cody's text came really quickly, "Okay."
A few minutes later, we met Paige at the movie, and we each got a popcorn and drink. Paige sat between us, and i put my arm around her. When i did, i saw Cody tense. I didn't think anything of it, i mean, he would have to get used to us being cuddly, and eventually kissing, which sadly, hasn't happened yet.
Paige's pov
The movie started, and Justin put his arm around me. The movie was good, and when it was over, we went home. We dropped Justin off first, then Cody pulled up in front of my house. I turned to get out of the car, but Cody spoke.
"Wait, Paige. Don't go yet." I turned and faced him. "I have to tell you something. Okay, i know you're dating Justin, but i like you." He looked at me with sheepish eyes, and i felt my stomach drop. Why did both my best friends like me?
I took a deep breath, "Wow, um. Cody, I like you too. But, not like like, i like you as a friend. Justin is my boyfriend, but you're my best friend. I'm sorry. Please don't let this hurt our friendship." I opened the door and got out. When i got inside, i watched his car slowly drive away.

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