my past

i read about of my friends storys that was about her past and she said that its bad to keep everything inside. so im letting it all out.

Chapter 1

my past

by: Lesy
ok just so people who my life is ok now with little problems and this is about ME!!

it all started when i was little like when i was 3 and my family lived in the bad parts in Vegas.My mom worked long hours at a bar that she didnt want to work at in the first place but my dad said she would just have to work there til he found a job.he never found a job.when my mom was at work most of the time me and my two brothers got beaten and i mean for hours.the only kids i really knew were my brothers (i didnt have any friend till i think 7 or 8 years old).

There was this one time where i almost died, and here is the story. my dad was looking for a movie and i think it was spider man and he asked me if i touch it and i said no.He asked my older brothers Cory and Christian and they said no.So he came back to me and said i was lying and yelled at me and beat and yelled till i lied and said i did.i was punched, kicked,pulled by the hair,thrown at the wall and i was put in a bathtub full of very hot water , wiped everywhere and i was naked in the tub.My brother almost called the cops but where scared that when he got out of jail that he would beat them.

Everyday one of us would get yelled at or beaten and then we moved to Missouri (i am like 6 or 7)and lived with my grandma. It got better when we lived here because we lived with my grandma.but when we moved out of my grandma's it was better then Vegas but no.

Here is a story about when i got a black eye. (im like 10 or 11) :there was four king sized candy bars that my dad had and one day he couldn't find them so he asked me if i touch them , i said no. he ask my brothers and they said no so he came right back to me and yelled and beat me till i said i did and yelled and yelled and yelled and then he started hitting me in my face over and over.i put my arms over my face to cover myself but it didnt work out very mom come up when he stop and he said he felt bad and said he was sorry.( btw all of this started at 11:00pm and then ended at 3:00Am) when i woke up in the after noon it turned out my mom put his candy in the fresher. my dad said he was soo sad.

(This is when 11 or 12.) My brother was running away from my dad, he ran into his room and my dad followed. MY mom ran after him to try and save my brother. My oldest brother came out of his room to see my dad on my mom getting ready to hit her. MY oldest brother grabbed my dad and threw him out of the room and into the wall creating a huge hole. So the beatings stopped because my dad saw my oldest brother was strong...But it started up again after he left home when I was 13.

(in this new one im14 ) the computer was massing up and my dad said it was because of the anime i watched on it so he was yelling at me so my mom and i left for an hour so he could calm down. we would here slept some where else but we had no money...

ok thats all i remember i locked a lot of stuff away in my head.but if i remember i will tell you. ohh my mom and dad are getting a divorce and i live with my mom

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