yo mama jokes

caution some are raisied

Chapter 1

"east" prodution

1)yo mama's so stupid when i went out side and saw her jumping up and down i asked her what she was doing she said when she took her medicine she forgot to shake it
2)yo mama's so fat when she tried to do a back filp she hit jesue in the face
3)yo mama's so fat when she's on a diet she gets the smallest bowl she can find and fills the bowl and gets the pot and dumps it on her face
4)your mama's so big when she's swiming everyone yell orca whale
5)your mama's so big she doesn't get bus tickets she get dump truck tickets
6)your mama's so big when she see's a bus she tells you hey there's your brother
7)your mama's so fat she buys a year supply of food and takes a bag and eats the rest
8)your mama's so stupid when she see's a bus full of white kids she yells stop that twinkie
9)yo mama's so fat when she tried to do push ups she invented push downs
10)yo mama's so fat when she was going to try skinny jeans she invented a new style fatty jeans
11)yo mama's so hairy homeless people use her as the shelter
12)yo mama's so white she whiter then jesue
13)yo mama's so fat they had to put a weight limit on everything
14)your mama's so old when i told her to act her age she died
15)your mama's so old when she was shoping for marty grough everyone yell to her sallalitos
16)yo mama's so big when she's standing in front of the sun everyone yell it's all mans end apocalipce
17)yo mama's so big that when she trys to get on a bus they sue her
18)yo mama's so fat the only way to move her is to get a bull doser to take her places
19)yo mama's so fat everyone yell bmw(big mexican woman)
20)yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiles cars slow down
21)yo mama's so fat they made a comic deidcated to her the adventures of fat woman staring your mom
22)yo mama's so black in a the play they called her little black riding hood
23)yo mama's so big the kids would say hey mama is that santa
24)yo mama's so ugly people would say hey lady thats a good costume but it's not halloween any more

should i contiue


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