Just another Draco Malfoy fan fic....

Ok so here's the info u need to know :D
Name: Elana (Ellie) Daine
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Appearence: pale skin long straight black hair with bright teal on the bottom layer or her hair. icy blue eyes.
blood status:pure
background story: lived in France her whole life and attened Beaxbatons Academy for 5 years but her parents decided they needed a change so they moved to england and now she goes to Hogwarts. she loves to sketch and daydream and write poetry, a first class romantic.

Chapter 1

The Audacity

by: JadeyPuff
A new school. New people. New teachers. And worst of all: New friends. I would basically lose all the friends that I was forced to leave behind in France. This was going to suck. Like majorly. I went to school at Beaxbatons Academy for 5 years and now I was being force fed the glumness and depression of England. It was almost always cloudy and ugly outside and people were anti social....but maybe that was just in their muggle world. Hopefully it was a lot different in their wizarding world. Back in Versailles ,where I lived during summers, it was always lively. There were always street performers and people drawing portriats of whoever they could con money out of. But here in Wherever-I-now-lived, England it was very bland and grey. Today was the day I was going to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So I packed everything I did as if I were going back to Beaxbaton's, I even packed my blue silk dress and hat. I went down the stairs in my awfully big new house and hugged my parents. "Adieu mother. Tu vas me manquer beaucoup." I said to my mother who spoke better French than English. "Au revoir papa, I'll see you at Christmas" I stated as I hugged my father and appareted with my 17 year old brother, Alexandre, to King's Cross station. We wheeled our trunks around until we saw a group of people in front of a large stone wall. Alexandre and I watched as the people ran right through the wall and probably onto the platform for Hogwarts Express. So after a few more people went through me and my brother followed suit and we were on Platform 9 3/4. I got on the train and found and empty table all the way in the back, so I sat and took out my sketch book. I flipped through the pages to find one I have been working on for a few weeks now but stopped when I saw an inscription on a random page. It read:
"Dear Ellie,
I know you probably won't find this until you're on the train to your new school so here is my last letter to you. I'm gonna miss you so incredibly much. I'm going to miss going on adventures through the Beaxbatons Palace with you and all the fun times we had during summers. This is not a final goodbye letter. We will always be sisters even if we aren't technically related. Well I gotta end it now because I see you walking towards me to retrieve your sketchbook.
Love from your not-really sister,
I started crying but I wiped away my tears fast because I didn't want everyone to think I was a big baby, so I just flipped to the page I was looking for. I was drawing a young man. A young man who kept appearing in my dreams for at least a month now. A took out my charcoal and pencils and closed my eyes and pictured him. I only had the outline of him because I couldn't fill the face in for my dreams always blurred it. The boy had strong broad shoulders and an angled jaw. I lost myself in my sketching and soon I had fallen asleep. I was soon being shaken awake by someone. "Hey....we're going to be there soon" A feminine voice said. I snapped up and looked around to check if all my utensils were still there. "Thanks, I'm Ellie.Gentil de vous rencontrer." I introduced as I suddenly realized she most likely did not speak french. "Nice to meet you too." The girl said. I was thoroughly impressed. "I'm Adison." She said cheerfully. The train slowed to a stop and everyone flooded to get off the train. "Wow, that was fast..." I observed. "Yah it goes by pretty fast when you're asleep" Adison joked. When we got off the train we were picked up by carriages pulled by skeletal horses, I had never seen anything like them before. Once inside the castle I told Adison that I had to go off and find a teacher and she should go ahead inside the Great Hall without me. I looked around but then reality hit me: I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. So looked for someone to ask, then i saw a boy around my age standing and probably waiting for his friends to find him. So I skipped over to him. "Hi, I'm Ellie....would you happen to know where Professer McGonagal is?" I asked, then realizing his silhouette looked a lot like the boy from my dreams. What if this was him? How odd that would be. The boy looked over and blinked at me as if to ask if I were talking to him or not. So tried it again in french. "Bonjour, je suis Ellie. Savez-vous ou le professeur est?" He just blinked again so I tried spanish: "Hola, soy Ellie. Donde esta el profesor?" He glared at me now. "I'm not foreign. I understood you the first time!" He snapped. "Then why didn't you answer me?" He didn't make sense at all. He took a step towards me. "Because I wasn't sure you were talking to me." He said more calmly this time. "What's your name?" I asked. "Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." He said as he took another step towards me. And me being so used to guy coming on much much more strongly in France I took it like he was just being friendly but that changed when he pressed his lips where my neck and right shoulder becomes one. "Que diable pensez-vous que vous etes? Evadez-vous de moi, vous garcon stupide! Je ne te connais meme pas!" I started yelling at him in french and then I stormed off. The audacity of some people!!

is it too short? did u like it - the few people who may actually glance at this story- also yah i know there is french and spanish in here so here are the translations
first phrase in french "goodbye mother i'll miss you very much"
second "its nice to meet you"
third "Hi i'm ellie where is the teacher?"
first spanish phrase is same as the third french phrase
fourth french phrase "what the hell do you think you are? get away from me you stupid boy! i dont even know you"
so yah if i get one comment on this i'll continue...just one comment :D

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