Something Tragic Can Cause This Amazing Thing Called Magic. (A StarKid Story)

This is just a little intro to give some back up information. I hope you guys like it. All of your comments are welcome positive and negative. I would like to give a special thanks to ussabrefencer07 for helping me out. If you haven't checked out her stories you need to! Here's the link to her How I Became A StarKid: And her AJ Holmes Story:

Chapter 1


(A/N: Not all of the information will be 100% correct and this is because I'm going to bend and twist things so that my story line makes sense. I apologize for the wait, and for the shortness of the prologue it will be the shortest thing. Know on to the story!)

My story started out like everyone else's, BORING! Okay well maybe not completely boring, but you know what I mean, and if you don’t then AWKWARD! Anyways, I'm Elegance, Elegance Criss. I'm the half sister of the one and only, Darren Criss. Yep, you heard right, me, just your average everyday Julliard student, is the sister of the "Totally Awesome" Darren Criss.
I didn't know that I even had a brother until my mom passed away, and left the information in her "Last Will and Testimony", but what it said shocked me more. It said that all of her possession were to be evenly split between her two children, and that if I was not capable of living on my own that I was to live with my half brother, Darren. Now, at this time, I was a senior in High school, but because of my OCD, Bipolar, and Depression, they found me incapable of living on my own, so I was sent to live with Darren. During this time Darren was on Glee and working on AVPT, in Chicago. I was never a very person for change, and having to move from my familiar soundings didn't strike a very nice chord in me. Anyways, I was shipped of after the funeral, which Darren attended, but nevertheless I was least to say pissed. But I'm sure you'll come to find that along the way I hit some speed bumps, had a couple of flat tires, and had a little trip the dealer ship. And so with out further adieu, this is the story of my journey, and what happened along it that changed my life forever.


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