Dragon Heart String (Charlie Weasley)

Saorise Foxx (pronounced Say-or-is) Is a muggle born witch who is in Percy weasley's year, Bill is in his third year and Charlie is in his Second year.
When Saorise develops an interest in dragons charlie is only too happy to help...

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Chapter 1


... You have been accepted... Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry... Muggles... Elder wood, 12 inches, dragon heart string core... Made for great things....

It all swirled around in my head, nothing connected, or made sense. One day i'm a normal eleven year old girl, the next i'm a witch who will be attending one of the finest wizarding schools in the country. There was no time left to reconsider, here i am, stood in front of a brick wall, after watching several people run threw it without being noticed by the strangers on the platform, i think i got the hang of it.
Breathe in... Breathe out. Don't think about how stupid you will look if you collide with the wall. I calmed my self, about to take my first step, but was interrupted by a friendly voice.
"Sorry dear, but are you trying to get on to the platform?" A short dumpy red headed woman asked.
"oh, err, yes." I said, stuttering.
"First year?"
I nodded, glad to be talking to someone who could actually help.
"No worries, its Percy's first year too, why not go threw together?" She suggested, pointing to a skinny red headed boy with glasses who stood behind her, i notice there were four other children with her, but they were much younger than me. I nodded again and Percy came over.
"Nice to meet you, Percy Weasley." He said eagerly, grasping my hand with a firm shake.
"Saorise Foxx." I replied.
Percy and I turned towards the wall, i took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and stepped forward.
I opened my eyes, and gasped, we were on a completely different platform, and a long, scarlet steam train was waiting for all the other students.
"Incredible..." I mused.
"Come on Saorise, lets find seats." Percy said excitedly. I followed him onto the train after we had placed our luggage in the hold.
"Here's one." I said when i spotted an empty compartment, we entered and shut the door, and sat opposite each other by the window.
"So, tell me about yourself." Percy said with a smile.
"Well, there isn't much to tell, i'm a.... a muggle born?" I still wasn't sure of all the different terms witches and wizards used.
"Oh thats neat, my father is obsessed with Muggles, i bet he would love to have a conversation with you." Percy said, causing me to blush.
I wasn't the most out going person, but i wasn't shy either, meeting new people was a bit frightening still.
"You have a big family." I stated.
"Yes, seven of us, and mum and dad, six boys and one girl, she's the youngest, poor thing." He said with a laugh.
"Wow, must be nice having so many siblings." I said with envy, i was an only child.
"It is most of the time, but the morning bathroom rush is a bit of a hassle." I laughed along with him.
The compartment door opened and two taller red headed boys walked in, they were both handsome, in two completely different ways.
"Hey Percy, finally found you." One said, he looked a little older than the other one.
"Hello Bill." Percy said.
"Whose your friend?" Bill said, smiling at me.
"This is Saorise Foxx, she is a muggle born." Percy stated, smiling at me.
"Nice to meet you." Bill said sitting down next to me, the other boy sat next to Percy and gave me a half smile, i could see his chocolate brown eyes twinkling under his almost-too-long hair.
"I'm Charlie." He said.
I smiled at him.
"Bill is a third year and Charlie is a second year." Percy explained.
"What is Hogwarts like?" I asked.
"Its the most wonderful place, you don't have anything to be afraid of." Bill said, admiration in his eyes, a little bit of my fear disappeared.
"Unless you're afraid of ghosts, moving staircases, haunted corridors and dark forests filled with dangerous beasts...." Charlie said nonchalantly, i didn't know whether to believe him, but my fear instantly came back.
"Ignore him, its not as bad as it sounds." Bill said reassuringly.
I gulped.
I had more of a fear of being an outcast than all of those things, of not belonging, what if they made a mistake, and i wasn't accepted to Hogwarts.
I had always been the outcast at my old school, i was rejected, singled out and terrorized, i wasn't different from all the other students, I looked the same, I was a little shorter than i wanted to be, i was slim, my dark blonde hair reached my shoulder blades in loose spirals, and my green almond shaped eyes and pink lips made my face look fresh... I sound like a pretty little girl, don't I? But i didn't feel like it, I felt ugly and different every day at my old school, and the thought of not going to this one scared me. I was bullied because I was different on the inside, but maybe that was what made me special, thats why i was accepted to Hogwarts, i hoped.
"There it is!" Percy exclaimed excitedly, pointing out the window.
Wow. That was what came to my mind first, Hogwarts was a giant castle, it was surrounded by forests and a giant lake.
Could this possibly be the home i'm looking for? I really hope so.
The train came to a stop and we all climbed off.
A booming voice echoed across the crowd. "First years, this way, follow me." I found the owner of the booming voice, it belonged to a very big man.
"Thats Hagrid, the gamekeeper, he's harmless." Charlie said in my ear and winked at me as he followed Bill and the other older students towards the castle.
Percy and I joined the other first years by Hagrid.
"Righ' were going up by boats, so get in groups of six and grab a boat."

Once we reached the castle a tall skinny witch in emerald green robes was waiting for us at the top of a staircase.
"Welcome students, my name is Professor Mcgonnigal. Now, in a few moments i will lead you threw these doors, and you will be sorted into one of the four houses; Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindore, and Slytherin, you will then join your housemates at their table." She said in a firm voice.
After a few moment the doors openend and she led us all into a giant hall, i looked up and saw that the ceiling was exactly like the sky outside.
"Its enchanted." Percy said in my ear.
We all stood at the front of the hall, two long tables filled with students on either side of us.
"Now, when i call your name, you will sit on this stool and the sorting hat will be placed on your head. "Adams, Kendra." Mcgonnigal called. A tall black haired girl sat on the stool and an old witches hat was placed on her head, i noticed it was moving slightly, and Kendra Adams looked as though she was talking to it... "Hufflepuff!" The hat called out.
A talking hat? What else? I thought, amused.
Several more student were called one by one and sorted.
"Foxx, Saorise." Mcgonnigal called.
Oh no, my turn. The fear rose. Just calm down, you belong here, i told my self.
I sat gingerly on the wrickety stool and flinched when the hat was placed on my head.
"Ahhhh, a great mind to read." A voice said in my head. "Loyalty, bravery, knowledge, and power. Its all here, but where to put you.... You want to belong?" This hat was reading my mind, i felt uncomfortable. "Perhaps Slytherin, you could do great things." I looked at the table with green ties, each one wore a small glare and sinister look, jut like the kids at school did. NO. I pleaded. "No? well then, there is only one place you truely belong... GRYFFINDORE!!" The hat shouted out loud.
The gryffindore table errupted with applause, i quickly waalked to my house, and spotted Bill beckoning me over.
I sighed in relief as i sunk into my seat.

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