Shadows of the Past

Another story from my imagination. I got inspired from an episode of Criminal Minds. Thank you Luke(Wolfheart101) for the help! I think I'm gonna finish this story. I'm gonna try!

CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This contains mature content. So pretty much, if you're younger than 10, unless you're a pervert, don't read. Its about this girl who gets kidnapped and raped and things like that.

Chapter 1

The First Chapter

We were stumbling and laughing hysterically. Today was my last day of college being a junior. My boyfriend, Luke(haha!), and I threw a party. We invited just about the entire student population. Everyone was getting drunk, especially me and Luke. We loved getting drunk and then doing something. We were standing out in the dark and creepy woods. I was leaning on a tree to keep my balance. Luke left me by myself in the woods to go get some more liquor. I pulled out my phone and started texting Sarah. "Lindsey! How could you be so stupid?! Its scary out there," Sarah yelled. "Luke will be right back," I reassured her. I heard leaves crackle. "Who's there?" I screamed into the dark. I forgot it. Two hands pulled me away from the tree. I glanced behind my shoulder and saw three men, one pulling me. "Luke! Help me! Anyone! Please help!" I yelped. Another dude cupped his hand over my mouth so I would shut up. I bit his hand and he pulled away. "She bit my fvcking hand!" he complained. "Help!" I managed to yelp one last time. "Shut up if you don't wanna die!" The guy who is grabbbing me whispered in my ear. I shut up. The dude who's hand I bit tied me hands behind my back and blindfolded me. One guy drug me into a car. He threw me into the backseat as if I was a ragdoll. Someone else lifted up my head and placed it on his lap. He ran his fingers threw my hair. I was tense because I had no clue what he was going to do to me. I had a flashback. I was with my ex-boyfriend, Sean. My head was resting on his lap and he was rubbing my head. I couldn't get the image out of my head. I had a different flashback after a little while. I was on the beach during sunset. The waves would charge the sand then retreat back into the ocean. Seagulls were singing me a song. Everything was Joseph found his way over to me. I stared into his hazel eyes. We shared a kiss. The car ran over a huge bump. It suddenly halted. "We're here Sweetheart," someone informed me. He was trying to sound sweet and nice but failed. I was carried like a sack of potatoes into, I assume, a house. Throw on a couch, I was. The three guys were whispering something. One untied my hands and handcuffed me to a pole. That was only the beginning of my torture.

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