Beyond the surface - magick, love and evil

Four girls, a destiny, war and secrets. Things change, sometimes for the best others not so much, which will it be this time? Hope u like it! (Srry 4 any mistakes spelling etc, everything is imaginary)
Ps: I'll send an invitation every time a new chapter is added :)

Chapter 1

The beginning...

by: Earia
I entered in the classroom ten minutes late, again. I saw Lara looking at me impatiently and i knew she found it. Finally! Kella and Anta my other two best friends were excited too.Mr Hawkins was looking at me impatiently too but obviously for different reasons...I sat down quickly next to Lara, blushing.

"And now that miss Moira Serson has honored us with her presence, let's begin the lesson"

"Sorry", I manage to whisper but he didn't hear me, or if he did he didn't show it.

The lesson was the same as always mr. Hawkins yelled a few times, put a couple of detensions and the filled us with homework. Lara tryed to caught my attension several times but i ignored her. Yes, I was curious really curious but exams were approaching and had already loose many lessons.(I'm not a nerd but good grades are good grades). As soon as the bell rang Lara grabbed my arm and literally drag me outside. Kella and Anta followed us.

They hadn't changed a bit from the last time i saw them. I was sick for a week and my mother didn't let anyone to visit me. Lara with her short, curly black hair surrouded her face. Her skyblue eyes were shining with happiness behind her delicate red glasses. Anta was smiling her long red hair hanging loose and her eyes like two big sapphires. Kella with chocolate brown hair and eyes, trying to look serious but she just couldn't hide her grinn. And there was me my golden hair quite messy and my weird green-hazel eyes looking curiously at them.

"So?",I asked after a long silence.

"We got the spell !", Lara whispered.

I really didn't belive she would be able to find it but she did. We have done some small spells before that partially worked. But now we had to do something bigger. Kella's grandma was in danger. She was sick, but no one could find from what. We decided to help her, or try anyway...

When the school finished Chris was waiting for me. I waved and he smiled.

"Hey!", I said when I was close enough.

"Hey, angel! How are you?", he said hugging me.

"Good. Now I'm good", then I kissed him.It was just a soft kiss but I had missed it so much. The warmth of his body. His perfect lips. His blonde hair and his hazel eyes. And his voice so smooth always knowing what to say.

"Let's go.", he said.

We walked down the road all the way home holding hands. His house was opposite mine.

"See you tomorrow neighbor!"

"Not so fast", he took my head in his hands and kissed me. More passionately. When he let me go we were both breathing fast. "Bye, angel"

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