About Me :)

Most of you people have put up "about me" chapter stories and what not with extended information about yourselves in it, so I figured why shouldn't I do the same? Each chapter will include 10 facts that you most likely didn't know about me, until I run out of things to include on me xD 10 comments gets the next chapter, or whenever I have time to do so!

Chapter 1


1. My middle name is Clayton (I don't like it; that's the name of the bad guy in the first Tarzan movie T_T)

2. Whenever I'm in p.e. and there's music playing, I usually run to the beat, since I'm in marching band. What's even more embarrassing is how I walk at the tempo of the fire alarm at school whenever it goes off, and I skip a step to actually get in step....yes, I'm a band geek =P

3. I want to dye my hair black and get some red highlights or streaks in it. (Opinions on this? Leave it in the comments box!)

4. If someone gives me an idea for a story, like a brief plot line about something, then I can usually come up with a decent story idea with one twist or another in about 5 minutes average. Author's mind, baby :)

5. I have 3 friends on here who I know in real life: Jessica (Pinkirox), Antonia (LoveStickenWarrior, yes it's a typo), and Ashley (Cinderkit55.) They're awesome people, so friend request em if you haven't yet :D

6. I don't participate in sports usually, yet I'm surprisingly athletic, and I absolutely love playing tennis, volleyball, and wall ball, even though it's not an actual sport xP

7. In 5th grade, I could type at 97 words per minute. Now it's, what, 5 years later or so? Imagine how fast I can type now with another 5 years of practice under my belt ;D

8. As you all most likely know, I'm considered a wolf at heart, or a werewolf, or whatever you will. In wolf terms, I am officially 2 years and 1 month old. Yes, I did the math for it, and if you want to know what your age is in wolf terms, then message me with your age (including any extra months, like 13 years and 7 months old, etc), and I'll calculate it for you :)

9. My favorite movie is obviously Alpha and Omega. I love that movie so much. I cry an average of 3-5 times whenever I watch it T_T, and have seen it 19 times and counting

10. I'm a teacher's pet xD Whether I like the class I'm in or not, I always find a way to get on the teacher's good side one way or another.

All right, that's it for now. Remember, 10 comments = another chapter! Or at least when I have time...be patient =D

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