Facts About Me :3

So I'm sitting here thinking "Hey, a lot of people are making these "About Me" thingies so why don't I make one too?" Sooo, that's what I'm gonna do. :)
Each chapter is going to be 10 facts about me, like other ppls.
Plus I'm doing this because I'm bored. ;D

Chapter 1

1-10 :3

by: Cinderkit
1. My real name is Ashley (which most of you probably already knew that Lol) and my mom named me after some hot actress in some soap opera she was obsessed with at the time, maybe that's why I'm so beautiful~ ;D jkjk :P

2. My middle name is Taylor, and I leik it because it reminds me of Taylor Launtner x3 (probably spelled that wrong >.>)

3. Some of my friends are my sister's friends (and they are in middle school), but don't judge meh! They are really fun to hang out with :D

4. I have one sister, she's 12, and she has an account on quibblo (Lightningfur02 if you wanna add her :3)

5. I play the flute and the viola, plus I tried to teach myself to play the piano once and gave up the same day xD

6. I'm in marching band! (In which I play teh piccolo in) The piccolos are impossible to tune and my ears hurt sometimes after practice x_x But it's all worth it because it's so much fun~

7. My favorite movie currently (since I tend to switch around a lot) is How To Train Your Dragon :D and I LOVE Toothless x3

8. I tried out for my high school volleyball team twice, in 9th and 10th grade, and I didn't make it both times xD I do love volleyball though and it's one of my favorite sports :3

9. I know 3 people on here in real life, Jess-Jess (Pinkirox), Luke (Wolfheart101), and Antonia (LoveStickenWarrior) They are all awesome~

10. I'm so ticklish now that I squeak whenever I'm poked x_x and I got that from Jess-Jess, it's contagious!

comment and maybe I'll post more facts later :3

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