'Bout Me :)

'Bout Me :)

I don't have to say what my first name is, cause you guys already know it, right? O_O

..........it's Anna...... lol :P

Chapter 1


(1) ‘’I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!’’ :) I could go on about him for hours...and hours...and hours.... ;D

(2) Should I tell you my middle name?....Hmm.... Fine, it's Clare. :P Ugh!! I don't like that name. I find it really weird.

(3) On my iPod, I have less songs than my friends, but way more artists than them

(4)The adds on Quibblo creep me out. I mean I know they're fake, but I don't really wanna know who's searching me! O_O

(5) At school I'm a straight-A student but at home sometimes I can be completely clueless (You tell me why!)

(6) I love sports, especially the following: soccer, swimming, track, cross country, cross country skiing, softball, snowboarding,....yeah. Oh, except dodgeball. God I hate dodgeball. And it hates me. :P

(7) I eat ALL the time. Like every hour! Except I'm really skinny. :)

(8) I have really long nails. People always go, "are those fake?" XD

(9) If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be....BLUEBERRIES! But now that I think about it, that wouldn't be a very good idea... there are certain reasons why that should be left unsaid :P

(10) I get bored so easily, but I could entertain myself for hours with a piece of string.

(11) Tigers are my favorite animals :) But I love dolphins, horses, giraffes and wolves too!

(12) I love cupcakes but hate cake. My cousin thinks I'm crazy cause of that XD

(13) Too prove how totally clueless I am, I'll tell you exactly what I just did.
So I was writing a poem (yes on paper with a pencil and everything) and I stopped writing for a second to check my messages. Then I couldn't find my pencil. So I looked around everywhere and I was like "Where's my pencil?! Where'd it go?!? Where's my pencil?!?!?!?!?!?!" So I'm looking everywhere, and then I'm like, "Wait...." That's when I remembered I put it behind my ear so I wouldn't lose it.
Very smart, yes? XP

(14) My favorite color is sky blue

(15) I've been really good at puzzles and mysteries and such ever since I was little

(16) Omg I can't think of anything! Thinking.....lalalalalala.....thinking...........thinking..... ooh yeah! I know now XD What I think of....

Dancing: Uh....I just find dancing really strange. Lol I just don't like it! I appreciate from like a distance, but...yeah. I find it really weird.

Singing: I like singing! It's fun! :) Except I suck! XP I'm definitely not the worst, but... O.o

Acting: AWESOME! Out of the things I want to be when I grow up, that's definitely up there on the list.

(17) I'm a full-blood pirate, and it is my intention to raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out! XD

(18) I love the ocean!

(19) I love all nature too! Whenever I'm outside I'm in a much better mood

(20) I have a ''really'' big family. Let's just leave it at that :P

(21) Your love is my drug. (Haha sorry I'm listening to that right now :P I don't really know why...but my iPod is on shuffle so yeah...)

(22) The middle window in my room drives me crazy!!!!!!! It opens fine but it's ridiculously hard to close it! And they're new!

(23) My imagination is overflowing with amazing, crazy, wondrous (and mostly useless) crap :)

(24) Whenever I'm tired I say "I'm booored!" for some strange reason.

(25) Almost everyone I know can't stand sleeping with socks on, but I always do! My feet just get cold without them!

(26) I just noticed I was doing this at 11:53 p.m!!!! So I continued it today :P

(27) Continuing!! l love drawing but I hate coloring. Ironic...

(28) My dog Daisy just stole the last bit of my doughnut off my desk! And ate it! And I didn't even notice until it was too late! I shall now bother her for payback!

(29) Just bothered her :P

(30) I am currently lying on the floor, satisfied with my victory.

(31) Never mind, she just stepped on me XP

(32) Ooooo-kay...the doughnut gave her gas :P

(33) I think I'm gonna go up to... 46 facts (random, I know)

(34) I widely dislike small children (no offense) But seriously, there was this toddler (thing...I don't know :P) sitting in front of me on the plane (I came back from vacation, btw XP) and the kid would SCREAM!!! T.T Ugh.

(35) I'm Eco-friendly! A tree-hugger! A you-get-that-paper-out-of-the-damn-trashcan! kind of person!

(36) It bothers me when people chew loudly or make obnoxious noises when they're eating

(37) Favorite composer: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart! Or, his shortened version, for you other people, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

(38) My favorite song is One Crowded Hour by Augie March. It's an amazing song :) (It's also Johnny Depp's favorite song!)

(39) I have to give credit to MortRainey, cause she was how I found out about the best song in the world!!! Add her! She's awesome too!

I Arthur, King of the Britains, command you to add her! Come Patsy, we are leaving now. Ahh, I'm weird... Anyway, here's her link XP


(40) Sometimes, I just wanna chew up the world and spit it back out. Then maybe it'll be a better place.

(41) I find it sad how many people these days like fake music like, for example, that "On The Floor" song and that "Till the World Ends" song
(Haha, really sorry if you do like that stuff, it's just my opinion.)

(42) I love thunderstorms! (Which are not complete without lightning! XD)

(43) Sometimes I have bandaids on my fingers for so long I forget why they're even there in the first place.

(44) To tell you the truth, the only thing I'm actually afraid of is nightmares. And of Johnny Depp dying. O_O

May the day never come! If it does, I'm locking myself in my basement and not coming out. Until I have to. (Lol, so if that ever happens, don't expect to see me for a while :P)

(45) I have OLD (Obsessive Laugh Disorder) I randomly break out laughing about the stupidest things and I cannot stop. It's crazy! It happened again like a week ago... and I laughed so much my back hurts!

(46) Can you guess who my first crush was? Yep. Jack Sparrow :P ;D


Lol yeah, well that's all for now. (Don't complain, I gave you 45 facts!! XP hehe) I think...I may have counted wrong... well oh well XD

Omg, I almost forgot, Happy Early B-Day Johnny Depp! :)

Okay, let's say, 12 comments for the next one? 10? Between 10 and 12 :)

. \....\........... ....
..../... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
...\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......'
.....l------ *
.....Rock on!! XD (Johnny Depp-style XD)


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