How I Became A Starkid: Parellel Story

This is my point of view from "How I Became A Starkid" by ussabrefencer07 ( She wrote a really awesome story (and still writing) of her shenanigans with the starkids. I'm in there a couple time so I'll just be filling in the holes and adding my own shenanigans :). If you haven't read "How I Became a Starkid" then get to it! It's Fantastic, with a capital F.
-Much Love

Chapter 1

Beginning With a Surprise and a Goodbye.

I am dying. I'm choking on the cereal that I intended to eat but instead inhaled. I'm going to die so young! I've never been out of the country! I've ne- oh wait I'm good now. Phew, that was close one. I sweep the bits of cereal that won't make to my belly, off my keyboard. I replay the video I was watching that caused my near death experience and turn up the volume. It's a video of Brian Holden, Nick Lang, and Darren Criss talking about A Very Potter Threequel and how they found a new Luna Lovegood.
"..found a girl from Kansas named Geena Hughes."
I know a girl from Kansas and she has that exact name! What are the odds?!
"Joe Walker and Dylan met her at a ComiCon.."
Geena and I went to ComiCon..
What tom foolery was this?
No way this could be the same person.
I shot her a text message
"Uhhh.. Check out StarKid's interview on YouTube. I think they're confused."
A couple minutes later she called me.
"IT WAS YOU?!" I shrieked into the phone. My cat that was sitting on my desk, enjoying the warm fan from the computer, gave me the stink eye due to my outburst and sauntered off.
"Yes! Remember how we went to that ComiCon and you wanted to go over to the Batman stuff and we got separated?! That's when I met StarKid!"
This girl, I tell you. She's crazy and I love her. We met amongst the sea of grey shirts and sweaty boys that is gym class and a friendship was born.
Geena had told me that she met StarKid when we got divided at ComiCon but nothing about her becoming Luna Lovegood! She wasn't aloud to tell anyone, and I guess that makes sense. It was pretty awesome that she thought of me and got an autograph from Joe Moses that now hang on my infamous wall. But apparently a little more happened than she let on..
We talked more and guess who has front row seats for the opening show?? That's right! This kid! I'm beyond excited and I feel so happy for her. I know this is big for Geena and I'm thrilled that she's livin' the dream, but what about our senior year? It's the last semester and this is where being a senior is the most fun. This is what she wants and I'm so happy for her that it's like I was asked to play Luna, but what am I going to do with out my StEnd?

"Don't worry Chicago isn't that far," Geena was telling me through tears.
"Yeah, but it's not Kansas." I'm balling and I look like a hot mess. I woke up late on the worst day to wake up late on so my hair isn't so much as a bun, but more of a squirrel habitat on my head. Glasses, huge t-shirt semi-tucked in to the first jeans that touched my fingers (I would have skipped the jeans but society kind of frowns upon not wearing pants in public) and shoes with out socks (ew). And of course this girl who stands before me in a cardigan and sundress looks like shes going off to frolic in some fields not get on an airplane. Tear tracks run down her face but her makeup isn't even running. I have to remind myself to be jealous of that later..

"Flight 67 to Chicago now boarding." Who ever that polite voice over the intercom belongs to needs to be strangled.
"That's me," Geena smiles.
We hug one last time and then Geena picks up her carry on and heads to her plane.
"You know I love you right Boots?" I say to her before she goes.
"I love you too BeFrie." We both smile to keep from crying and then she turns and leaves.

Flight 67 races down the runway and takes flight. On towards the heavens and towards Chicago and a new life for this amazing person that made my life better. As I watch the airplane get smaller and smaller, I feel like a mom that just sent my 5 year old to their first day of school. Except my kid won't be back at 3:30.

****** This is just the beginning kids! Stay tuned for more chapters! I didn't mean to make this part so depressing but it sort of came off that way... Anyway! Thanks for reading!*************
Lot o' Love

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