The Dark Rose

The Dark Rose

James Potter has a sister. Her name is Michelle and she was even more sneaky than James, but she's not just his sister, she's his twin. She was just as good as James at quite a lot of things, sometimes she was better, but people didn't notice her because when she went to Hogwarts something happened that changed everything. She met new people and had a new life, what she didn't expect was the love that she found along the way.

Chapter 3

Ever after

In The Attick

"hey, who's this in the picture of you on the train?" Asked Ron. "That, is Michelle Potter." Answered Remus. Harry started having a caughing fit. Ron thumped him on the back a few times and when he stopped he looked up at Remus. "Did you just say Potter?" he asked and Remus nodded. "your fathers twin sister." Harry's eyes widened. "why have I never heard of her?" he asked. Sirius, who had been quiet this whole time, spoke. "she was sorted into Slytherin." Harry, Ron and Hermione's jaws dropped. "Slytherin?" Whispered Hermione. Sirius nodded. "she was best friends with my brother Regulas." he said and the three kids looked even more shocked.


What Happens Next

Over the next few weeks, Michelle became very close to Regulas. He became her best friend and even though she still hung around with Severus and Lily, she found that she was always with him. James had been ignoring her ever since the sorting and when he did speak they would always be insults or something to make her feel even worse. She saw Remus now and again and he would be nice to her, but he had become very good friends with James and he didn't want to make him mad. Sirius ignored Michelle completely and every time he passed Regulas he would shoot him a glare. There had been a new addition to James' little group by the name of Peter Pettigrew. Peter was shy and seemed to just go along with whatever James and Sirius did. He worshipped them, which didn't do much to help their ego's deflate. Michelle was looking forward to something though. The first flying lesson of the year would be tomorrow and the Slytherins had it with the Gryffindors. The day of the first flying lesson came and Michelle walked down to the quidditch pitch with Regulas and it was him that was worrying about it, rather than her like most would expect. "what if I fall off my broom?" Regullas questioned looking worried. "you'll be fine Reg!" replied Michelle with a smile. "But what if I do fall off?" he continued. Michelle stopped and turned to face him with a kind smile. "then I'll catch you." she said and Regulas smiled at her. They carried on walking down to the pitch and found the Gryffindors waiting for them looking very miserable. "now that everyone is here. we can get started." Called Madam Hooch from the front. "everyone stand with your left hand over a broom and say up!" she shouted so they did. "up!" shouted Michelle and the broom rose straight up to her. She was the only one to get it on her first try and Regulas was having trouble. "How do you do that?" he complained. Michelle laughed silenty at his struggles. "up! up! UP!" On the last shout his broom flipped up and hit him on the nose. Michelle couldn't hold it in any longer and she burst out laughing. "Shut up Shelly!" Regulas whined. "oh! come on Reg! that was funny!" She said, still laughing. He smiled at her and just picked up the broom. "now! mount your brooms and fly around the pitch 5 times." said Madam Hooch. "don't push yourself because you will probably fall off." she warned. At this Regulas looked a little scared. "remeber Reg, if you fall, I'll catch you." Michelle told him with a soothing smile. Regulas smiled back at her and mounted his broom. He rose into the air slowly and started to fly off. Michelle mounted her own broom and flew higher into the air than the others. "See you on the ground Reg!" She shouted before speeding off. He laughed at her and shook his head. She flew faster than anyone and when she passed her brothers little gang she gave them a little solute before speeding off again. James looked furious, Peter and Sirius looked stunned while Remus tried to hide his laugh. Michelle was on the grond before the others started their second lap. "have you ever flown before miss Potter?" asked Madam Hooch. "once." Michelle answered. Madam hooch looked stunned. Regulas looked to be doing well, but then he started wobbling. "do you mind if I go and help Regulas?" Michelle asked and Madam Hooch shook her head. Michelle mounted her broom again and flew over to Regulas. He was about to fall off his broom when she grabbed his arm and helped him back on. "Thanks Michelle." he said and she smiled. "I told you I would catch you." She said and she flew around with him, which seemed to give him a lot more confidence. When they finally landed Michelle gave Regulas a reasuring smile. "you did great Reg!" She told him and he smiled at her. They stood in front of Madam Hooch, who was holding a large crate. "I will give each of you a beaters bat and you will take turns to hit the bludgers at the targets." she said and started handing out the bats. Michelle took one and smiled deviously at her brother. He looked back with disgust and they turned away from each other. Michelle was to go last and she was happy about that. She watched as Regulas flew up into the air and station himself there. He did quite well and only missed three out of five. Next was Sirius and he only missed one. She watched Remus miss three and Peter missed them all. James flew up cockilly and missed two so, at last it was Michelle's turn. She flew up to the right spot and held her bat at the ready. The first bludger came flying towards her and she hit it directly into the center of the target board. She did the same with every one and when she was done, she hadn't missed any. After that they put their brooms away and headed up to the castel. "you were great Michelle!" exclaimed Lily as she caught up with her and Regulas, Severus trailng behind her. "thanks." Michelle replied. "you were definately the best there." Said Regulas. "without a doubt." Agreed Severus. "Thanks guys" Michelle said with a smile. The next flying lesson was all about seeking and the one after that was chasers. Michelle did well on all of them but, she prefered the position of seeker. She soon found out that Deffence against the dark arts was her best subject and Potions was a close second. She loved all of her classes, but those two were her favourites. Michelle hated all of her room mates and they hated her. They just ignored each other and got on with their own lives so it worked out well.

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