The Dark Rose

The Dark Rose

James Potter has a sister. Her name is Michelle and she was even more sneaky than James, but she's not just his sister, she's his twin. She was just as good as James at quite a lot of things, sometimes she was better, but people didn't notice her because when she went to Hogwarts something happened that changed everything. She met new people and had a new life, what she didn't expect was the love that she found along the way.

Chapter 10

Disaster Strikes

A painful Joke

"Ow! Sirius, that hurt!" Whined Remus, still laughing. "Good." he replied. "What did he say?" Asked Ron. "Nothing! Forget about it." Said Sirius and Ron just nodded. "We were all friends for a while in 5th year." Remus started. "After the detention Michele had with Sirius, she came into the great hall looking as if she was about to drop dead. James was so worried about her that he picked her up and carried her to the hospital wing with Lily. Lily explained that Michelle wasn't what he thaught she was and that she was suffering. James felt so guilty and he was going crazy for the 2 days that she was in the hospital wing." he finished.

Later that night Michelle met Lily in the room of requirment. "Alright so, what's goin on?" Asked Lily. "Remember when I had detention? The night before I got sick?" Asked Michelle. Lily nodded. "Well, me and Sirius kind of, urm, kissed!" Michelle told her best friend. Lily looked shocked and speachless. "So, what's going to happen now?" She asked. "I don't know." Michelle answered.
A few months passed with Michelle and the marauders getting on well. The marauders were okay towards Regulas as well, but it wasn't that great. It was now Christmas break and they were all in one compartment, on the way home. When they got off the train, they all said goodbye and Michelle was saying goodbye to Regulas while James was talkig to Lily. "Good luck Reg." She told him and gave him a hug. "Any trouble and you owl me okay?" She said into his shoulder. He nodded and let her go. "Bye Shelly." he said and walked away. "Bye Reg!" She called after him. James ran up to her and picked her up in a surprise piggy back ride. "AAAAHHH! JAMES! PUT ME DOWN!" Michelle shouted, but she was laughing. James started running around in circles and Michelle held on around his neck. Sirius was talking to Mr and Mrs Potter. "Do you know where James is dear?" Asked Mrs Potter. That's when Sirius spotted James and Michelle. "There he is." he pointed at them and Mrs Potter looked shocked. James ran over to his parents and best friend with his sister still on his back. He slid her off his back in front of his Parents and she wobbled because she was dizzy. She stumbled backwards and fell but, Sirius caught her. "Thanks!" She said, looking up at hm. He helped her back onto her feet and let go of her. She wobbled again and was about to fall again but, she grabbed onto Sirius' shoulder to steady herself. Sirius had moved in with them during the summer because he had run away from home so he was going back with them.


Michelle was getting a drink from the kitchen when she heard someone knock the door. She set down her glass on the table and opened the door. Sirius fell into the house covered in blood cuts and bruises. Michelle screamed. "JAMES!" She screached. He came running down the stairs looking extremely pissed. What?!?" he snarled. Michelle pointed a shaking fingure to Sirius' unconscious figure on the floor. "oh my god! MUM!" Mrs Potter came running down the stairs with Mr Potter coming behind her. Mr Potter and James carried Sirius into the living room and put him on the couch. Mrs Potter treated him because she was a healer and he stayed with them ever since.

end of flash back

Michelle was a bit wobbly so Sirius and James helped her to the car. When they got to the car the three teens sat i the back with Michelle in the middle and the two boys on either side of her. when they sat down Michelle hit James over the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?" Asked James while Sirius laughed. "That was for making me dizzy and..." She turned to Sirius and hit him as well. "Ow!" he said holding his head. "... that was for scaring the hell out of me in the summer! can you imagine opening your front door to have your brothers best friend fall into your house covered in blood!" She said to him. "No, because that would be you and that would scare the hell out of me!" Sirius answered. "Exactly." Michelle replied. The rest of the car ride was uneventful and so was the rest of the holidays until Boxing day at 18:00pm. Michelle got an owl off Regulas and opened it quickly, fearing the worst. It was a short note with only one word. 'Help' Michelle shrieked and shot out of her chair. She had had enough, she was going to Sirius for help. She burst into the boys room to find them sitting on the bed. "Sirius! I need your help!" She said urgently. Sirius got up off the bed and walked over to her. He grabbed both her shoulders and looked into her eyes, his own full of concern. "Michelle? What's wrong?" He asked and she handed him the note. "Regulas just sent me that!" She said and she had tears coming down hers cheeks. Sirius dropped the note on the bed and ran out of the room. Michelle followed after him while James read the note and sprinted after them.

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