High School of the Arts: Spell Sword

Welcome to the school of arts. This is a school full of special Kids very special kids open to the book and see my story.

Chapter 1

Character Bios

My name is Lilith Sherwood I'm a half Elf. Age 15, height 5'8", and weight 119 pounds. I have long blonde hair with peekaboo red highlights, I have bangs that go to the left. The front ends at middle of my chest and the back however is about the small of my back. I have forest green eyes.
Jessica "Sox" Mitchelson my crazy and fun bestie. She is 15, 5'6", 105 pounds, and has black layered hair with blue highlights ever other layer. she has bright blue eyes. I meet her during my first day of school. We had first period together. We almost got booted from this class for acting like total dim-wits like when I set some chemicals one fire or when she blow up out chemistry set and created a monster. That was fun thank god I'm a straight A student or I would have been in trouble. Ever since then we have bonded quite well. I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me.
Nikki Hikari my mental Insane needing Neko buddy. She is 16, 93 pounds, 5'1", pale tan. She has purple eyes and brunet layered hair. Bangs to the left with red under and green stripes on the back inside. I met her during lunch. It was funny cause she walked up and started to talk to use. Its like we had always been friends. And so our little talk turned into laughing and acting like crazy Idiots.
Neji Yagyu my "friend". He is 16, 176 chubby muscular, 5'8", with spike black hair his bangs go to the left. We met him when Nikki showed me and Sox to the dorms we would be at. He seems like a nice guy but tends to get on my nerves with all his romeo antics.
Shadow...... That's all I know of his name..... Sorry. He is 15, stands 5'9", 113 pounds, pale skin, blood red eyes. I met him when I went to the roof of the dorm. I tried to talk to him but he was mostly just head nods and grunts. He was kinda weird but very sweet.
Lily Shirayuki One if my closest friends since kindergarten. She is 14, 95 pounds, 4'11", light tan, deep blue eyes. She has black shoulder length messy hair with teal tip. Bangs to the left. She's like my little sister so I've always knew her.
Dennis Zidan he is just himself. He is 18, 210 muscular but has a bit of stubborn fat, 6'2", light tan, grey/blue eyes. shoulder length dirty blonde hair that falls to the side of his face. I also met him around the dorm we were staying at. I walked into a room and it smelled heavily of smoke. When I saw him I smiles and wave. Turns out he was a nice guy. Well... sometimes......
Finally there's Zeth Hojino he is the Leader so to speak. He is 17, 6'5, 193 on the tone side, hazel eyes, and has dirty blonde hair. I met him in the library he was by himself at the only table with chairs left. I sat far away from him so he could keep to himself, but pull a sit close to me and asked what I was reading. I said a history book on magical creatures and we talked for awhile. I remember I was so embarrassed. Not like I hadn't talk to boys before but..... He was... Different.

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