My Chemical Romance Ghost Story EPILOGUE

Yes, this story is finally coming to a close!
I apologize for what you are about to read. :( It was the only pretty sensible ending. I do feel sad about it, though. But remember--it's JUST A STORY!!!
At least the Post-Epiloge gives a great change of mood! :)

[DON'T READ THE POST-EPILOGUE IF YOU DON'T WANT THE SOMBER, DARK, AND SERIOUS MOOD TO BE RUINED. I'm not kidding. It was only added for fun. It's just optional.]

Chapter 1

My Way Home is Through You, even though The Hardest Part of This is Leaving You

The four band mates safely returned to where they were staying at the moment. There was still one thing stuck in their minds, especially Ray's: who would sacrifice his or her life for him? It was a big donation--a HEART. It's technically impossible, but succeeded somehow. There was a great possibility it would've failed, but the doctors were fortunately quick enough for his circulation to last.

Ray started contacting relatives, only to find out something very distressing. "What?!" Ray's voice started to tremble. His friends listened in for the news. "Christa?! SHE was the one who SACRIFICED HER HEART?! Oh no!" he actually started to cry. "No, no, NO!!! Oh, why..." his phone slipped from his cold, sweaty, trembling palm. It landed on the table he was sitting next to. "Ray? Ray--Ray!" everyone heard the voice yell over the phone. Then finally, the call ended with a beep.

Ray buried his head into his hands, elbows rested on the table. He remained quiet for a really long time. Frank approached to comfort Ray, but Gerard stopped him. He whispered, "Now is not the time... Let's just all remain silent."

The room was quiet for a relatively long time. Mikey sat on the sofa, reflecting on what had surpassed and his reunion with his and Gerard's grandmother. Gerard read the newspaper article of the incident in the cemetery. Frank merely stood by the arch of the door, staring at Ray in guilt. If he didn't drag the group all the way to the cemetery in the first place, his friend's wife wouldn't have died...or so what he understood from the phone call. He felt incredibly guilty of his selfishness during that moment. He then wondered what made him bring them along. After all, HE wanted to go there. Couldn't he have just gone on his own?

Well, Gerard DID ask him what he wanted to do on his birthday. As friends, they all accompanied him to the cemetery. It was his birthday wish, after all. They just didn't know what really happened there at night, especially on Old Hallows Eve. It was actually no one's fault. Though, Frank did partially break the rules by stubbornly wanting to go there during Halloween, even if it was made clear no one was allowed to. He then remembered the fresh plaster on the wall that helped the chains latch into the wall, almost permanently. He then wondered if someone knew they were going there, and prepared the setting ahead of time. His want to go there still remained a mystery, even to him. What drew him there, and scarred his friends' lives and his own forever?

As Frank was swallowed up in his thoughts of guilt and suspicions, Mikey also felt his own regretful remorse. Yes, his guilt was that heavy. He felt like there was a large cement block hanging from his heart. HE nearly killed his brother. HE stabbed Ray's heart. HE caused one of Ray's loved ones to lose a life in order to save the band. But... he was possessed. It started since that bloody hand nearly strangled him to death in his brother's car when they were in the woods. Why? Why him? Was he the most scared? It's pretty ironic for someone who loves horror movies. Now, he realized maybe he liked seeing it depicted fictionally. But it was really different when it ACTUALLY HAPPENED to HIM...

Gerard finished reading the article, and looked down. He combed his fingers through his hair, and looked ever so serious. He was certainly glad it was all over, the four friends were alive and safe now. But it was terrible since they were all sad, nevertheless. He now felt guilty for driving into the woods, leading to demonic --or whatever it was--possession of his brother, which then led to guilt for what Mikey was regretful for. Now, he actually also felt guilty for even following what Frank said. He should've been more mature, and told his friend that it wasn't appropriate, and they shouldn't break the rules. They could just celebrate a normal birthday at home. Frank was pretty persistent though, and Gee just didn't want to disappoint him on his birthday.

This was a very confusing moment for them. Suddenly, the silence was broken when four legs of a chair scratched the floor. Everyone looked up and saw Ray finally stood up. "Ray, are you okay?" Frank nervously asked. He was prepared for Ray to get very upset at him for forcing everyone to go to the literally deadly cemetery.

To his partial relief, Ray merely sighed. "I'll go visit the wake."He sounded calm, though pretty upset. "Guys, don't come with me. I need this time alone... with her... It's the last time I'll get to see her face." He sighed again and walked out the door. He hailed a taxi and was gone.

Frank sighed, then groaned in anger. "I feel so guilty! Guys, I'm ever so sorry for dragging you to that peaceful-looking trap. It was selfish of me..."

"No Frank," Gerard said. "It was your birthday wish anyway. We didn't know that cemetery was haunted in the first place. YOU said you wanted to go to ANY cemetery. Mikey and I apparently wanted to go to the one our grandma was buried in... We had no fvcking idea that it was haunted all along."

Frank felt a bit better, but a hint of guilt remained. "But I also contributed to the death of Ray's--" he broke off. "What can I do? I still feel responsible for this!"

"Well, you can't reverse things that already happened." Mikey said. "We just have to accept what passed, what was gained, and what was lost."

"GAINED?" Frank inquired his friend aloud. "We gained nothing from this shit."
"Well, we surely learned something." Mikey insisted.

"That going to cemeteries on Halloween is stupid if the government says so?!" Frank asked in apparent ridicule.

"What I meant was, we just need to be more careful of our actions... and of course--this doesn't sound totally like me--but follow the rules when it's sensible to!!! We may have thought it was some silly thing at first, for the cemetery to be closed on Halloween, but there was a good reason for it! They probably knew it was haunted and terrifying in there!"

"Wow, Mikey." Gerard said. "You did more than reflect a while ago!"
"Thanks, bro."
Frank sighed. "I just wonder what made me so desperate to go there..."
"Yes, Frank." Gerard replied. "We were wondering about that, ourselves. Why did you want to go there so badly?"

"All I remember is I wanted some sort of quiet break, from all the stress we experienced. We did come back from our hiatus, but I still had quite a lot to do! I thought my birthday, which is near All Souls' and All Saints' Day would be a great time and excuse, to do that. You know… maybe I wanted to recall a bit of my past, when I still did that. I just needed some peace! It seems I didn't get any of it, though. But it seemed as though there was this other energy that dragged me there. I just can't put my finger on it."

"Maybe it was the dark energy which attacked Gerard!" Mikey said. "Or at least, an ally, or something connected... Or whoever or whatever was the main cause of all this. I'm not sure what it wanted with you and/or the rest of us, though."

"You talked to the dark energy." Gerard said. "Well, its ALLY--the little beheaded girl."

"She just said all the dark energy came from the underworld."

"What would the underworld want with me?!" Frank asked aloud. His friends shrugged. "I remember one of the skinned guards telling us it's not yet over..."

"I wonder what that meant..." Mikey pondered as well. Since Gerard had no idea of this part, they explained it to him.

Frank then said "I hope it doesn't spell out more seriously haunting and horrible moments for us!"

"Well, we'll just have to be more cautious of our actions." Mikey recommended.
"Well, Frank" Gerard started. "Maybe this whole underworld thing... Maybe... The devil's trying to use you as a tool, or something?!"
"What?! Come on, it was Mikey possessed!"
"Then maybe they wanted you for something..." Gerard said.

"Or maybe," Mikey said. "They used you to drag us there. They either wanted all or probably at least one of us."

"Well, we were ALL victimized." Gerard said."Though Ray and I were the ones who nearly lost our lives! The two of you were used for it to happen--you Frank, were used to lure us there, and you, Mikey were used to assist in the actual ending of our lives."

"Okay, but why us?!" Frank and Mikey asked simultaneously.
"Only Hell knows." Gerard simply said.
"I wonder if anyone else got victimized..." Mikey pondered aloud.

"Well," Gerard said, occasionally eyeing Frank from the side of his eyes as he said it. "if they had the same crazy idea of sleeping there during the night before Halloween, then most likely yes."

Moments later, the three received a text from Ray.

"I will not be staying with you guys tonight.
I will stay with my family for the following few nights.
Don't expect me to come back too soon."

Gerard suddenly remembered something. "Oh, guys, I have to rush home and check on Bandit! I wasn't there for her last night. I told Lyn I wouldn't be around for that brief moment, but she must've watched the news clip on TV. I'll go home now." He rushed to his car.

"Oh no!" Frank suddenly remembered. "Jamia! And my dogs!!! I have to get home as well!" Frank nearly forgot these things in his regret and despair. He rushed outside. Mikey was left alone. The place they were all staying in would be abandoned again. But Mikey thought that Alicia might've watched the news clip as well, and she would be very worried. He locked the door and rushed to his home in a taxi.

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