random cr@p about me

hello this is random stuff about me im doing this b-cos everyone else is and i wanna b part of the fun!!! :D

Chapter 1

chapter 5

1) im colourblind

2) my middle name is ryan

3) my first name (Joseph) means he shall add wisdom

4) my favourite food is pizza

5) when i was little i used to ride my dog

6) when i write YaY i do that thing i just did

7) i think i have an attention disorder

8) people call me emo im not emo! im Joe(the emo)

9) one time during a school photo i threw up and it went all over this girl i hateds shoes

you thought i was gunna do 10 facts and your right

10) im probably the smartest kid in my school except when it comes to maths


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