Pessimist... Love? Ahahah! On this show, possible.

TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR! Tha's righ'! Word, ya'll! Ahahah, look at me tryna be all gangsta shiz on you guys. Anyways, i am watching all the TDWT and i gotta say, Noah, is still kinda a pessimist. More reason he should have a girlfriend! A positive helpful one! I dont know, im sick right now, and instead of writing my other stories like the good girl i am [ahhahahahahahahah] i felt like starting another story.
Black hair
Brown eyes
Tanned skin

Chapter 1

A New Victim- Er..... Contestant?!?

~Chris' POV~
"And since Team Chris is really, really, really, really hot won the last time, they can-" I was interupted by an intern giving me a note. "What? What is this?" I read it over and glared at him. "Ok, why was i not told about this, sooner?" He just dhrugged and i kicked him out of cameras view. Then i smiled and turned back to the camera. "Ok, it turns out we have a new victi- i mean contestant joining us!"
~Cleo POV~
I walked out from the other room and smiled. "Hi. Im Cleo." I looked around the room. Then i turned to Chris. "It looks like everyone is in groups. Which one am i in?" "Hm." He thought for a minute. "You can pick, i guess."
~Heather POV~
In the bathroom [ahahahaha ok, im sorry, i cant write that down without thinking of NCS... not that some of you know who that is...]
"Oh awesome, another new girl to ally with! This season might actually work to my advantage..."
~Cleo POV~
One of them waved. "Hey, new girl! Come be in our group." "K." I walked over to stand between her and a girl with purple hair. "Im Heather. I just know we're gonna be great friends." I nodded. Then i turned to the girl with purple hair. "I love your hair." "Really?" I nodded. "How do you get it that way? I watched your blog once, and i saw a video of you, i've been trying to get my hair like that for a long time." "Well, i can help you if you want." I smiled. "That would be great. Thank you." "No problem. Im Sierra." "Nice to meet you."
In the bathroom [giggle]
"Uhm, is this thing on?" I tapped the camera lens. "Well, i guess so. Anyways, i am so excited to be on the show! Its gonna be so fun!"
~Noahs POV~
"You know... If we do the monster thing... We could get the new girl to be the damsel in distress." I said, staring at the door where the new girl, Cleo was waiting for her turn. Then Alejandro snapped his fingers in front of my face. "She may be the best for the job, amigo, but she is on a different team." "Oh," I fixed my hat. "Right."
In the bathroom [snortgigglechucklesnort]
"Ok, i do not have a crush on the new girl! Its just, you know, shes new. I was thinking she could help. I was not thinking about those..... those deep brown eyes or that wonderful smile or- No i was not thinking about those!"
~Cleo POV~
"A pathetic pile of stuff nobody wants. Agh! Good bye first class!" I was looking somewhere else when Cody said. "Was that..." I looked around, but saw nothing. "What?" "N-nothing." They argued for a while, then Heather spoke up. "Shut up! We have the candy fish swimming in the fish tank. Then it breaks out, and plays basketball! Like, duh." "Too Doctor Suess. Spinning mask! We toss candy into their mouths and-" "Insane! Flashing lights and fireworks! Chef wants to be dazzled." "You guys, they're all good ideas and-" "Overruled! Fish tank." "Helloo! The only way we are winning is with the spinning heads. And lots of them." Geez, they argue a lot. "You people are impossible. Im so outta here." "Bu-" I reached out but missed grabbing her. "Well so am i." "Heather-" "Fine!" "Gwen!"
I looked back at Cody and Sierra. They were still arguing. "We are in some deep trouble." I nodded and Sierra agreed. "OMG INO. Want me to get them?" "Not so much." I bit my lip. "What are we gonna do now?" We looked at each other and started running around liike mad. "Do you know what you're doing?" "I have no idea!" I went to use the bathroom, and blocked the camera. "I have my boundaries, im sorry." I got back after they were finished. "Sorry i took so long."
"Thats fine. We're finished. Lets go hand it in." I nodded and we went back into the room we were in before. "Alright! Now that you're done filming, its time to see if your hard work has paid off. Chef?" He mumbled something and turned the tv on. "First up. Team Chris is really, really, really, really hot with Monster Rampage." I sat down and watched the commercial. I heard someone sit beside me and i looked over. "Hi. Im Noah." I waved. "Cleo." "Nice to meet you." He stuck out his hand and i shook it. Then i went back to watching the commercials.
Then it was time for ours. The three girls were surprised when Cody, Sierra and i showed them the commercial. Surprisingly, we won. Sierra called for a group hug, but the only hug going on was her and Cody. "Congradulationsteam Amazon. But cheff, i also have to know, who bit the biggest?" "Uhm, those guys. With that, uh, sad donkey thing. You lose! You're sending someone home, tonight."
Later in the first class cabin i was looking out the window. "Well, we won." "Yeah, no thanks to these two bozos." "Us, what about you?" They all started fighting again and i sighed. "Will they ever stop?" "Probably..... not" Cody struggled, while being squished to death by Sierra. I giggled. "I think i'll go visit the other teams, you know, just because i want to leave you guys alone." "What? No! Dont leave me with her!" I laughed and went out to see the rest of them.
The first one beside me was Alejandro. "Why is such a lovely flower in such a drab place?" He kissed my hand. I blushed and took my hand away.
In the bathroom
"Alejandro reminds me a lot of this guy i met in Cairo. Very manipulative, he was. He was a good kid, though."
I am probably gonna go episode to episode, meaning that i'll have the next chapter up very soon.

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