Madame` Luna: Fraud or Fortune Teller?

these are excerpts from stories i haven't finished... well technacally i haven;t even started them, so if one sparks your inspiration as a writer, leave me a comment and run with it. just be sure to send me the story to see how it goes. i may take your writings and drop them into new chapters on here so you could get some more readers.i will definitly give you PLEANTY of credit! :D if they don't spark your interest, comment anyway.

Chapter 1

Excerpts: SomethingAboutGummiBears

My homemade armor clanked as i hobbled down my front hall way. the storm outside echoed through the house. i had raided the kitchen of every pot, pan, and roll of tin foil we had. Madame` Luna's voice kept echoing in my head "you are in grave danger, protect your self, or loose yourself." i was probably over-reacting but the bolt of lighting that followed her prediction scared me all the same...

As i walked away from the creepy fortune telling booth at the traveling carnival i felt the sun on my face and i could hear the sound of the carnival around me. my mother had gone of to get us some cotton candy or something so i checked out the fortune telling booth. i pondered her predictions over and over in my mind. i turned on my heals and headed back in the direction of the booth. i opened the door and shouted into the darkness. "Can you really make me see again!"
"i do not make promises i can not keep." the voice echoed from somewhere in the shadows of the trailor. it was low and raspy with definite wisdom lerking in it. it was a voice that could only belong to Madame` Luna.

As i walked back toward the traveling carnival that was here all those years ago i felt a strange pull toward one booth in particular, and i knew why. the last time i was here i was with my mother. i saw the day as clear as day in my head. we walked around the carnival when we saw the booth. my mother encouraged me that it would be fun, so we went inside. Madame Luna had said that i would experience great loss very soon. that was the day my mother was shot to death...

As i left the erie carnival trailer i pondered the strange womans predictions. i expected some corney "8-ball" answer but what i got was far from average. she mentioned darkness, and death... i've been discribed as many things, annoying, pshycotic, but the person she discribed was NOT me...



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