A Collection of Poems

I decided that I'm just going to make a story with all my poems in it, instead of posting them all up separately. Makes it easier to access them =) Most of you guys have probably already read most of these poems, but I can promise you that I'll be adding more whenever I can!

Chapter 1

Where's My Happily Ever After?

I live my life in utter confusion,
In daily-shed tears and painful sorrow.
My hopes and dreams are useless illusions
In which I choose to mindlessly follow.
My heart plays tricks on my every day;
I can hardly trust myself, I'll admit.
My goals and plans never go my own way,
And I sit here and cry drops of dark scarlet.
I love her at first, then I don't know at all;
I can't decide on my feelings for her.
I pick myself up only to once more fall;
I just for clarity, my eternal hunger.
Each day is another test for me
In which I have to prove myself strong
Against those who don't want me to be
Who I'm destined to be, to prove me wrong.
All I want is a straight solid shot
At the goals in my life, my targeted dreams.
My passion for success burns white-hot,
But it's not enough, never will it seems.
I'm wandering a path that no one else takes,
Aimlessly walking and walking and walking.
I repeatedly stumble and make mistakes,
And the unknown gods, to I they are mocking.
My life is a book on the eternal shelf,
Each day I live another painful chapter.
I lay here alone and think to myself,
"Where is my happily ever after?"

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