Please read! Oh. Wait. Nobody reads what I write, or even cares about it. So, sure, go ahead and delete this.

Chapter 1

My Rant.

by: abaddon
I congratulate you on actually reading this. I have 336 friends, and my most popular story has 72 reads. And then when I see those stories with tons of reads? How do you think I feel? I'm not a number on your friends list; I'm a person. Yes, you heard me, I'm a person. I know you're all gasping, but it's the truth. There are a few people that I can count on to read my stories, comment, message me, and all that wonderful stuff. The majority doesn't. And don't think starting a message now would make a difference. But anyway, I'll admit I don't read every message that comes my way. But I make an effort to read the stories. Reading's one thing. Commenting's another. I just ask for more reads. That's it, really. Oh, and I don't want anybody saying how wrong I am, OK? I have a right to my opinion, and, to be honest, I'm kind of stubborn.

Rachel out.


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