I'm the ghetto HalfBlood. Got a problem with it, Deal with it {Percy Jackson Love Story}



Acts:Bad azz but has a sad back story

Chapter 1

Finding the truth

by: LilLisa
I walked down the halls in my school. My group following behind me. Everyone stayed out of my path. Just the way I liked it. I walked out the school even though there was about 3 hours left in school. We walked down to an alley and just hanged around there talking alot of smack. I ignored the fact that Shakira kept looking at something in a distance.

"Yo Tequila." I heard a guy said. I turned and saw him. That guy that haunt me ever since I was 11 until I was 15 then I switch schools. So I can get away from him. I ran off.

"Tequila wait up." It was a girl's voice so I turned. It was Shakira. I slowed down. "I have never seen you run from anybody. What up." Before I can answer something happened. I don't know what it's just out of no where Shakira saw something and grabbed my arm. She yanked me and started running.

"Shakira what up. Let go of me."

"Tequila for once in your life shut your mouth and run." She has never said anything to me like that. I shut my mouth instantly. I saw a camp in sight. As soon as we were past the sign she stopped running. I turned around and I took in some deep breaths of air. I saw a huge bull headed guy running after us. I ran like hell. I turned around and ran smack into someone. I looked up and saw a boy. He looked adorible. He offered his hand. That's when I barely noticed I fell down onto the floor and he was still standing. I pushed his hand away and stood up by myself.

"Look I don't need this." I said angrily. I looked around and saw things I dn't even believe exsisted. I saw centaurs and satyars. "k boy where am I?"

"Oh now you need my help. Your at Camp Halfblood. Everyone here is a child of a god or goddess. The fact that you got in means your a halfbood."

"Oh hell no. You are all crazy. I'm out. " I turned round and saw Shakira, but she didn't look like herself. She had hooves. "Shakira what the hell."

"Tequila I'm your guardian. You are a child of a goddess. I have no idea though, because of your rough personality." I rolled my eyes.

"Do you seriously expect me to believe in this hocus pocus." Some girl ran into me. I pushed her. "Yo Twinkle Toes back your shizz up, and don't lay one of your grubby little nasty paw on me."

"Uh excuse me. No you don't say stuff like that to me, or your pretty little face ain't gonna be pretty anymore." I laughed.

"Do you seriously think I'm afraid of a little priss who likes to get all up in my face. I'll snap you like a twig." Then the boy started to talk.

"Annabelle just drop it. I'm sure this girl is the daughter of Ares. Remember what happened Ares himself went after you. Just drop it." Annabelle chick stomped off. "I'm Percy by the way."

"I'm Tequila."

"I'm Daniel. Son of Aphrodite." A blonde green eyed boy said coming up to me with a bright blue smile.


I looked at him and scoff. "Oh wow Aphrodite. That must suck being a child of beauty. Who cares about looks." Daniel looked shocked and just left.

"Wow your the first girl who didn't fall head over heels for Daniel." I saw Shakira drooling, and followed the boy. I rolled my eyes.

"I can spot fake from a mile away." I said loking at Percy. "So Percy you are the son of.."


"Now that's a real god. What the hell is Aphrodite."

"Uh I wouldn't talk bad about the gods or godesses."

"I dont care" I walked off. I saw a stream and looked down at my reflection.


I hate how everyone said I was pretty. I seriously am not that pretty. I stood up, and stripped down to nothing and jumped in. I swam calmly in the water. Then a bunch of girls swarmed me. Something told me they weren't halfbloods. They kept giggling, Next thing I know I was being cleaned and having my hair washed. It was so calming I didn't protest. They did my hair and put some type of blue makeup on me. I was dragged underwater. I was able to look rund, but I was afraid to breathe. I saw them dress me. I was losing air. A blonde looking one noticed.

"Breathe." She said in the worlds most calming voice.


I took in a breath. I was able to breath. I looked at the blue hair girl that told me to be calm. The others kept giggling. After they were done they litterally through me out the water. I landed on the shore. I noticed I felt completely dry. I had clothes on but my other ones dissapeared. I took a look at me in the reflection of the water.


Hair {turn the headband blue}:


I looked amazing. My skin was even lighter and my hair was healthier and brighter. I stood up.

"Woah." I turn around I saw a satyar. "You must be a siren. You are too beautiful to be part human. Are you a child of Posiden and Aphrodite."

"Look I don't know who's my so called mom but I know my dad. So don't call me a child of Posiden because my dad is a creul and horrible man. Doesn't deserve to be confused with a god." I didn't notice a tear coming down my cheek. The satyar pulled me into a hug, and I pushed him off. "Don't touch me I don't need your sympathy." I walked off and he followed me.

"Can I at least get a name."

"I'm Tequila." I sad irrated can't this satyar get a clue.

"Grover." He said with a childish smile. I rolled my eyes. Finally was I was in sight of the others everyone stared. Some centaur went up to me.

"I'm Chiron. I'm in charge. We take care of half bloods here. We are gonna help you find your parents."

"I know my dad. It's my mom that I have no clue about." He looked at my outfit.

"I'm pretty sure you were Posiden but I don't think so anymore since you know your dad. We will find out sooner or later." I just walked out. I got bored. I went around the campus. I saw Percy fighting Annabell in a sword fight. I watched. He saw me and Annabell took the chance and got him down with the sword pointing at his throat. She saw me and moved the sword.

"Oh look it's back." She said rolling her eyes. I looked at Percy with a smile.

"Percy any friend of yours. Is a friend of yours, because this one is a bitch"

"Oh hell no tramp."

"Uh excuse me you little wannabe hoe. You can't just be up in my grill and expect me not to do anything about it. You keep doing we gonna have a problem." Then she raised her sword.

"Please I'm not scared of you."

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