Uncharted.....(Original Story)

This Is An Original Love Story By Me And musicismysoul8, We Own Everything Except The People We See Portraying Our Characters and Songs That May Appear In The Story Except If We Say They Are Originals:)

Chapter 1

Characters For The Story

(My Characters)
Name: Nikki Brie
Played By: Nikki Reed(How She Looks In Twilight, With The Blonde Hair And Everything)
Age: 17
Personality: Down to Earth hard working girl. She is really kind to everybody, and dreams about one day finding her true love. Is open minded to everything and everyone around her.
Skilled At: Fighting, Cooking, Sowing, Medicine, Horseback Riding, Singing, Playing Instruments, Talking To People, And Taking Care Of Everything And Everyone Around Her.

Prince Arranged To Marry Her
Name: Emmet Whitlock
Played By: Max Irons(Red Riding Hood)
Age: 26
Personality: A bit arrogant and selfish, but he is hard working and will do anything to get what he wants.
Skilled: Sword Fighting,horseback riding, flirting, talking, and getting what he wants.

Name: Anthony Masen
Played By: Robert Pattinson(Twilight!)
Age: 21
Personality: A fun loving young man. Is a family man, and he sticks up what he believes in, and is not afraid to speak his mind not even to the king himself.
Skilled: Fighting, hunting, horse riding, fishing, and working with his dad at making the swords and war supplies for the towns people.

(Musicismysoul8 Characters)
Name: Melissa Brie
Played By: Lucy Hale(Once Upon A Song)
Age: 17
Personality: Loves to have fun, optimistic (always smiling), never gets mad, sometimes does sneaky things (Like sneaking out of the castle)
Skilled At:Singing While Playing Guitar, Being Swift At Whatever She Does, Running, and Fighting.
Great Relationship With Her Fraternal Twin Nikki

Prince 1
Name: Drew Cassot
Played By: Ian Somerhalder(Vampire Diaries)
Age: 25
Personality: The exact opposite from Melissa
Skilled At: Hunting, Swimming, and Fighting

Prince 2
Name: Thompson Lewis
Played By: Liam Hemsworth(The Last Song)
Age: 19
Personality: Sees The Good In Everyone, believes, in love at first sight, appreciates and listens to people
Skilled At: Riding Horses and Playing Guitar

Song For Nikki's Love Story: Somewhere Only We Know by The Glee Cast

Song For Melissa's Love Story: Happy by Leona Lewis

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