A Child's Pain

A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1

A Child's Pain

A child, bathed in darkness.
Never ending roads. Your anxious.
An irreversible fate. Yet no justice.
A black night sky. Worn and starless.

It's cold here.
It's dark and scary.
I don't like it there.
Look child, your burden to carry.

A dark veil.
Near complete.
A shrouded mind.
Desolate and obsolete.
But you fight, ever longer.
A small child, never stronger.
Not knowing when to let go.
Punished for something you don't know.

But the fire burns bright.
How much longer will it last?
Strong then weak, different every night.
A broken road, leave it in the past.
Never mind, the pain is slight.
They see you, your eyes downcast.
A mirror image, tired from the fight.
Your swollen eyes, red and glassed.

I'm hiding now.
But it's scary out there.
They say be good, but how?
Tonight is dark, it's painful here.
Will I be left here forever?
I don't like this place anymore.
I don't want to be here, someone help.
I hate it, it's cold and dark.
Why wont you listen!
I'm afraid! I'm alone!
I can't do this on my own!
Can't you hear me!
Can't you see me!
Mommy, Daddy,
Please! Listen!

...I'm alone.
It's scary.
Why did they walk away?
Why didn't they stay...?


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