Chapter 1

Come on guys!!

This is ridiculous! If you are just 'shocked' that Quibblo 'owns' your stories guess what--you should have read the terms and conditions before you joined. That simple. I've known since I joined, because I always read those before joining a site.

But please. If you decide that one day you are going to take the stories you once-upon-a-time wrote on Quibblo and get them published, and by some miracle you do get them published (can you tell I've been trying for years to get my stories published?), Quibblo isn't going to sue you for copyright infringement!!

Let's just say that you got one of your stories published. How do you think Quibblo is going to know that your story was posted on their site at one point in the past? Eh? Think of all the material posted on this website every frickin' day. All the quizzes and stories, questions, and arguments. Do you really think they'll recognize it? I doubt they read any of the stories on here to begin with!

Even if you put on the inside cover that you once posted your story on a website called Quibblo, I don't think they would notice.

Now let's pretend that by some strange happening, Quibblo decided to try and take you to court for your infringement (this would never happen, but let's just pretend). Who is going to win in court? The person who has owned that story from the get-go, or a website that put that term in so they could protect the stories on their website from theft?

Let's think.

Copyright laws are tricky things. Regardless of what Quibblo would say, your work is your own intellectual property. You created that story, it's yours, through and through.

So PLEASE stop deleting your stories. Especially the fanfiction ones! They aren't really yours, because you are taking the ideas and property of the original author and making a story based on those. Who cares? You couldn't publish that in a million years anyway!

Stop deleting your stories, stop being so ridiculous about this, and most of all STOP REBELLING AGAINST QUIBBLO! This is just stupid! I never thought I'd see the day.....Ah well. Mkay? Stop deleting them and making all your fans depressed, all right?


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